“The Tempest” Chapí, 90 years later at the Zarzuela

The Tempest

The Teatro de la Zarzuela plays a crucial role in preserving, study and recovery of our operatic heritage. And it is for this basic and essential reason, among other identical value, the programming 'The Tempest' (fantastic melodrama in three acts) It becomes one of the happy events of the season. The work of Ruperto Chapí, libretto by Miguel Ramos Carrión, It was a classic among classics, undisputed crown of creation Musician Villena, it remained for decades cartel, encumbró the composer and the musical category leader of his time. And then, old story repeated: surprisingly it fell into oblivion. He was born in the Teatro de la Zarzuela 11 March 1882, and 'he died' in this same stage a month in November 1927, It does now just over 90 years. For this reason, on Friday 16 February (20h00), and Sunday 18 (18h00) will be two key days for our lyric, since the work will take the stage at which premiered ago 136 years, this time in concert and free adaptation of playwright laureate Alberto Conejero.

Directed by maestro Guillermo García Calvo, without any doubt one of the most outstanding and currently required Spanish directors, one of the reasons that surely dedicated themselves to this work to oblivion, in addition to the need for a large orchestra, is the extreme difficulty for the singers address a full score of challenges to his vocal cords. For that, to come to fruition (and never better), It is essential to have a specially qualified sextet, and the Teatro de la Zarzuela has assembled a top international cast for the occasion.

A) Yes, Tbilisi Georgian mezzosoprano, Ketevan Kemoklidze Roberto will play the role of the fisherman, in love with Angela, confused orphan after his father's death when he was a child, whose crime unsolved, as will be seen, head hits the mysterious murderer into a spiral of remorse. Orphan beloved, played by soprano Mariola Cantarero, swimmingly it corresponds to the plain and sincere affection of Roberto. baritone Carlos Alvarez Simon's life, the old miser who after that murder, whose main suspect was a young man who embarked on the same day bound for the Indies, He stands as guardian of Angela creating all kinds of apprehensions, and entering rivalry with Beltran, played by tenor José Bros, a man that, precisely, It comes from the Indies brought by ghosts, and that, against that, protects the relationship and espouse the two young. The judge reminds the crime and imposes the law will be sung by the Mexican low Alejandro López, and Matthew fisherman, linchpin for the resolution of the plot, by tenor Carlos Cosías.

Another of the attractions of this storm is the participation of actor Juan Echanove, in the recreation of Conejero also gets under the skin of Matthew, which is precisely who, Over the years, It will reminiscing all the events that cut into his memory as a thorny stake. The Community of Madrid Orchestra, Titular del Teatro, Titular Choir and the Teatro de la Zarzuela, completes the artistic picture of this historic and double recovery.

The importance of 'The Tempest'
'The Tempest' in his day meant a real conceptual revolution in what was then supposed to be a zarzuela. As once remembered the musicologist Luis Iberni: "Zarzuela Chapí adapted to the new European musical realities that he knew". Until then, "He had never seen a zarzuela with songbirds such requirements as demanded by a powerful quintet of voices as any opera title". Professor Emilio Casares notes in this regard that 'The Tempest' 'became a classic and remained in theaters for decades. Indeed, He was heard for decades throughout the hispanidad, played by the best voices of our lyric ".

Casares says, complementando that founded Reflections Ibern, that Chapí, in 1882, "I was prepared to give Spain a work of such importance, with showing what they have learned in Europe, Y, especially, It proposes an alternative way to the opera and the traditional zarzuela on stage characteristic of Teatro de la Zarzuela: an opera dressed shaped zarzuela, by having extensive "spoken".

As for the value of 'The Tempest' musicologist is categorical: "Today, after all road tour musicology, We have little doubt that 'The Tempest' is one of the greatest monuments of our lyrical story. Why it is so difficult to understand the oblivion that has befallen her ". And now, after 90 years of silence, the public has the chance to enjoy it on the same stage where she was born and 'disappearing'.