The turn of the Screw

He 2 November the Royal Theater will premiere its new production, The Turn of the Screw (The turn of the Screw), Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) with libreto de Myfanwy Piper, and based on the novel by James Herry (1898).
Josep Pons is the musical director of this new assembly, while the head of the artísitica address is David McVicar.
The cast is made up only 6 characters: John Mark Ainsley (Quint), Emma Bell (The Governess), Peter Shafran y Jacob Ramsay-Patel (Miles), Nazan Fikret (Flora), Marie McLaughlin (Mrs. Grose) y Daniela Sindram (Miss Jessel), accompanied by 13 instruments getting a symphonic sound, at all times in keeping with the script, thus emphasizing the theatricality of the work.
this opera, premiered at La Fenice in 1954 with great success, It is set in an isolated Victorian mansion, where they reach the 16 compose scenes, which contributes to enhance the oppressing and uncertain environment that merges the real and the imaginary, the world of children and adults, where sexual depravity and cruelty are the pillars of these uncertainties.
A great economy of means, both musical and scenic, It serves to support the ambivalence and ambiguity that can define this work, in which, the viewer has to interpret and draw their own conclusions about the human condition.
If you want to find the answer to what happens to the child? and enjoy one of the most interesting works of the twentieth century, this work is not lost. Those under 30, Remember that you can get tickets with 90% discount.