"Lamentation", the Teatro de la Zarzuela offers unknown works of the Spanish Baroque


The new proposal of Notes cycle Ambigú of the Teatro de la Zarzuela will present the next Monday 22 of March (20h00) a concert of the formation Music Encounter in which we can listen unknown works of the Spanish baroque, and more specifically of the Valencian school of sacred music. Under the name of "Lamentation", the recital will deal with the lamentations of the prophet Jeremías composed by the prolific master of the chapel of the Cathedral of Valencia, Pasqual Fuentes and Alcàsser (1721-1768) whose are the 300 years of his birth.

Music Encounter, which since its founding in 2009 has positioned itself as a research platform, recovery and dissemination of old and baroque music –Mainly from the Hispanic and Valencian musical heritage–, It has the address from the key of Francesc Valldecabres.

Likewise, in 'Lamentatio' they will complete the set, that has a flexible staff according to the programs addressed, las sopranos Moral Pillar Y Aurora Peña, mezzosoprano Marina Rodriguez-Cusi, as well as the violinists Enric Llorens and Víctor Yusà and the cellist Regina Fuentes.

Al justified interest that has prompted the presentation of this ‘Lamentatio’ of Música Trobada at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, the one who has originated the presentation in these days of the record version of the project.

The Ambigus that come

To the concert from Music found, those of the mezzo-soprano will follow Maria Antunez, accompanied by Rubén Fernández Aguirre the piano, will offer a recital dedicated to ‘Uruguayan music’ (19 of April); soprano Rocío Pérez and pianist Ramón Grau they will present the Integral of the cycle ‘Spanish classical songs’ of Fernando Obradors (10 of May) and the artist Ángel Ruiz, accompanied by pianist César Belda, will present ‘Tribute to Iberoamerica’ (15 of June).