The new generations of flamenco are presented in the Maestranza


The next sunday 8 February, to 20,30 hours, he Teatro de la Maestranza It presents Divine Treasury, show in which participants, very young but with proven quality, we dive into the source of his artistic roots, where singing, dancing and guitar playing will lead to a great flamenco festival in which he will skip the tango to the bulerías, through fandangos, the joys, romances…

Cadiz dancer Alberto Selles, formed in Jerez Angelita Gómez Y Patricia Ibáñez; Ana Pastrana, dancer from Malaga, student of the Yerbabuena O Mengíbar, among other; Bernardo Miranda, Cordovan singer winner of competitions for young artists such as the Diputación de Córdoba 2010; Cadiz Maria Moreno, dancer formed Rafaela Carrasco O Javier Latorre and since 2003 component of the company Eva Yerbabuena; Granada guitarist David Carmona, that formed part of the group of Manolo Sanlúcar and she has accompanied great figures as El Cigala O Antonio Canales; David Caro, also guitarist, and rising star of Flamenco almeriense; the musician Diego Villegas, (classic guitar, clarinet and saxophone) and he has shared the stage with Estrella Morente O Remedios Amaya; Francisco Contreras Molina "El Niño de Elche", innovative singer who has made inroads into performances of "performance", contemporary dance and experimental music; Huelva Jesús Corbacho, cantaor follower Marchena Y Snail and awarded in numerous competitions; Almeria singer José María Pérez, winner of numerous awards including First Prize at the National Contest of Córdoba 2007; José Eugenio Carrasco Vargas "More Carrasco" percussion handled from the battery or the drawer to darbouka or djembe and worked with Manuela Carrasco or Antonio Channels, among others; Seville Ramon Jr Amateur, guitarist who has participated in shows of Eva Yerbabuena or Cristina Hoyos and collaborated with Farruquito, El Junco Remedios Amaya; Seville's also the bailora Saray Reyes began to form with his father, Juan de los Reyes and he studied with Farruca Y, by last, Bilbao's guitarist Yago Santos disciple of the great Rafael Riqueni.