Les Arts premieres in Spain the theatrical version of Mozart's ‘Requiem’ by Romeo Castellucci

Prensal wheel from Mozart's REQUIEM opera

He Palau de les Arts starts next thursday, 30 of September, the lyrical season with the premiere in Spain of the theatrical version of the 'Requiem', Mozart, performed by Romeo Castellucci, under the musical direction of James Gaffigan.

Jesus Iglesias Noriega, artistic director of Les Arts, has presented today at a press conference the first title of the section ‘Les Arts pera’ as “one of the most relevant bets in this new stage of theater as a promoter of new aesthetics and proposals of reference in the operatic circuit”.

“Romeo Castellucci, one of the protagonists of the avant-garde theater space in Europe, premieres in Spain its applauded version of Mozart's unfinished mass for the dead. Staged as a hymn to life of extraordinary plastic beauty and overwhelming theatrical force, the proposal of the playwright and plastic artist is considered one of the essential shows of recent years ".

‘Requiem’ is a co-production of Les Arts with Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Adelaide Festival, Theatre Basel, Wiener Festwochen y La Monnaie / De Munt with Romeo Castellucci as the architect of the stage direction, scenography, costumes and lighting. Silvia Costa (associate stage director), Evelin Facchini (choreography) y Piersandra di Matteo (dramaturgy) complete the creative team.

Iglesias Noriega has highlighted, Besides, “The excellent members with whom Les Arts addresses one of the greatest challenges, both in its musical and technical aspects, of the 2021-2022 season ".

“James Gaffigan, good connoisseur of Mozart's music, and particularly his 'Requiem', makes his debut as musical director in the Main Hall in front of the stable bodies of the theater: Cor de la Generalitat, exceptional in one of his most complex and demanding works both on a vocal and stage level, and the Orchestra of the Valencian Community, reference training in the pit ”.

"In the soloists section, Les Arts brings together leading performers from the Mozart repertoire: Elena Tsallagova, Sara Mingardo, Sebastian Kohlhepp and Nahuel Di Pierro, as well as the soprano boy Juan José Visquert of the Escolania de la Mare de Déu dels Desemparats ”, has pointed.

Meanwhile, James Gaffigan has highlighted the great work of Castellucci with his staging, that never distracts the viewer or disturbs Mozart's music, but, quite the opposite, enhance your excellence. Likewise, The New York musician has praised the great work of the Cor de la Generalitat both on a musical and stage level to carry out the demands of production.

Say goodbye to life

Fully assuming the fragmented character of the 'Requiem', Castellucci gives life to a show built from a series of silent images capable of expressing the imperative need to say goodbye to life.

The Italian artist captures the fading of life as the origin of all possible human beauties. This ‘Requiem’ is opposed to what one would expect from a mass for the dead; it is not a space of lamentation, wants to celebrate life in the fragility that belongs to him.

A constant projection of animal names, plants, towns, Languages, cities, extinguished feelings can be read in parallel to what happens on stage. The phrases take the form of a goodbye to the elements in connection with the lives of each of the spectators, thanks to an approach to our time and the abandonment of things close to the viewer.

As Castellucci himself explained, "The 'Requiem' addresses the fundamental question of time, of the hope of rebirth; explore the origin and the end, but also the end as origin ".


Les Arts has scheduled six performances of Mozart's 'Requiem' on the days 30 September and 2, 3, 6, 8 Y 10 October.