Arts premieres 'Il Corsaro', in Verdi, shades of poetic and musical performance historicist

Il Corsaro

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia opens next 28 March in the Main Hall a new production of 'The Rover ', in Verdi, shades of poetic and musical performance historicist.

This has been explained today at the launch of this title Fabio Biondi, director musical, Y Nicola Raab, stage director. In the press conference also attended by the tenor Michael Fabiano, protagonist of the play, with soprano Oksana Diving.

'Il Corsaro' is the first title Les Arts broadcast streaming this season through the European platform OperaVision, thanks to the collaboration of the Valencia Tourism Agency.

Fabio Biondi enacts the most enigmatic and less represented Giuseppe Verdi score with Cor de la Generalitat and the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana. A marked work, as he noted by the teacher palermitano, the historical development and motivation of the composition:

"For the first time, Verdi does not give a work Ricordi but attains an advantageous according to Lucca. The bad relationship with the new editor will determine the fate of this opera. A fact which joins the historic moment of revolution (1848) in which it is written. Political Verdi and the Risorgimento, Operas de como 'Nabucco' or 'The Battle of Legnano', Write a deeply romantic composition ".

The incumbent director of the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana notes, However, the great beauty of the pages of "Il Corsaro ', where moments that recall 'Traviata' or 'Rigoletto' heard, that bind a suitable duration, "An hour and a half of very dense music without lacking moments of interest", Biondi points.

For interpretation, the director has reproduced the size and layout of the orchestra for which Verdi thought 'Il Corsaro'. "The location of the pit, loud enough for the average today, gives advantage singers, especially in the recitatives, very close to the bel canto style ", added the master.

Six years after his successful vision of 'Thaïs', Massenet, in which Placido Domingo in Valencia released its role number 139, Athanaël, Nicola Raab signs its first assembly for Les Arts, It carried out in co-production with the Opera of Monte Carlo.

This time, the 'regista' German has surrounded himself with a creative team of George Souglides (scenery and costumes) David Debrinay (lighting) y Ran Arthur Braun (fight choreographer and shoot).

Product of his enthusiasm for Lord Byron, great romantic poet in English, Giuseppe Verdi turn entrusted versified novel 'The Corsair' in its thirteenth opera, Francesco Maria Piave como libretista.

'The Rover' tells the historia de Corrado, privateer Aegean, which sets sail on a secret mission to attack the Turks, leaving his beloved Medora with the worst fears.

And in the city of Corone, Corsairs manage to surprise the Turks burned their ships and raiding the harem of the pasha Seid, in which Corrado saves Gulnara, the favorite slave, died in the flames. But nevertheless, the rapid reaction of the Turks allows them to strike back and seize the invaders, Corrado condemning to death.

But Gulnara consume his revenge, freeing corsaros and ending the life of Seid. Once on the island corsaria, baleful premonitions of Medora lead him to poison. Upon arrival, Corrado barely has time to say goodbye to her and, desperate, It is thrown to the sea. Gulnara falls to the ground shattered.

Raab's proposal imagines the story of 'Il Corsaro' in an internal action that takes place in the protagonist's mind, she reconverted himself Lord Byron, author of the poem that inspired Verdi.

The stage is his thought, a blank mind that transforms into different ideas Corrado by projections, lights and movements, where Medora is a past memory and Gulnara an invention that will become reality.

According underlined Fabio Biondi, 'Il Corsaro' is "designed for a cast of opera singers grandísimos". Michael Fabiano tenor leads the cast in Les Arts, in which he accompanied the sopranos Oksana Dyka and Kristina Mkhitaryan, baritone Vito Priante, Evgeny Stavinsky bass and tenors Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana Ignacio Giner, Jesus Antonio Gomez and Rita.

Fabiano, one of the most sought-after voices of the moment, Corrado plays, the title role, already he debuted in 2014 in Washington, with an excellent reception from critics. New Jersey tenor makes his debut in Valencia with the Ukrainian soprano Oksana Dyka (Gulnara), to which the Valencian public remembered for his memorable performances of 'Madama Butterfly' and 'Tosca'.

Rounding out the quartet protagonist two emerging voices, which they are also presented for the first time at Les Arts: la soprano rusa Kristina Mkhitaryan (Medora), second prize winner of Operalia 2017, and Italian baritone Vito Priante (Are), which already has outstanding works in London, Milan, Paris, Munich, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Les Arts presents 'Il Corsaro' day 28 March and 1, 5, 8 Y 10 April in the Main Hall.


The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía offered in 'streaming' representation 8 April 'Il Corsaro' through, the new platform hosted by Opera Europe, that gathers 30 opera companies 18 countries of the continent.

The transmission of this feature is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Valencian Agency of Tourism and specialized television channel Mezzo music.

didactic activity

On Sunday 25 of March, to 12.00 h, Les Arts proposes an intergenerational educational activity to understand what it is and how an opera is produced from the heart of the theater, the stage of the Main Hall. "A morning with 'Il Corsaro'" explained the audience the process of developing this new production, from the first sketches to technical or artistic works.

Les Arts reports that the price of the town is 15 euros for adults and 7 euros for young audiences.