Les Arts Reina Sofía presents season and extends an 30% its live entertainment

The new season means an increase in 30 % the activity of Les Arts addressed the audience with a varied proposal, besides opera, zarzuela and symphonic music, It includes dance, ‘lied’, flamenco and other musics.

The Marzà minister stressed that "this program embodies the great work done by people who are with me and they are doing Les Arts reality we want: a space of operatic excellence, open society and a more extensive program to attract new audiences ", to which he added: "The Arts is operated, definitely, but also for all, and the new programming delves into the arts that accompany the opera and is greatly enriched with new expressions, more educational activities and proposals for opening Coliseum people ".

Susana Lloret highlighted the ambitious proposal, what includes 47 opera and zarzuela, 19 dance performances, 6 recitals 'lied', 8 concerts, 4 Flamenco evenings and two sessions devoted to other music, without forgetting the 12 programs open to the public, new institutional collaborations, Besides the activity of the Educational Program and Placido Center Sunday.

"The opera is at the heart of this project, but the music thanks to the vision and management of Jesus Iglesias-, now flows in many other ways all the rooms of this landmark building, to reach a wider audience, for greater enjoyment of this heritage that belongs to everyone ", has underlined.

'The Arts is Opera'

Jesus Iglesias Noriega recalled its intention to convert Les Arts into a "musical theater, covering lyrical music in all its manifestations, without forgetting the opera as main activity ", which will have its fulfillment in expanding repertoire, genders, shows and new cycles that will be the engine of programming variety and artistic wealth.

The opera season includes nine titles that embrace a time horizon, that goes from 1735, year of the premiere of 'Ariodante', Handel, until 1947, wherein the first function of 'Les Mamelles de Tiresias' took place, Poulenc.

The repertoire is diversified with a foray into the Baroque 'Ariodante', three works belonging to the classical era 'The Marriage of 'y' Figaro La Finta Giardiniera ', Mozart, and 'The Guardian mocked', Martin y Soler, one title belcantista 'The Journey to Reims', Rossini, a work the Verdi 'Nabucco', one belonging to the French Romanticism ‘Faust’, Gounod and two operas of the twentieth century ‘Elektra’, Strauss, y 'The breasts of Tiresias'.

Les Arts opening a new aesthetic includes the debut of directors distinguished by its history and modernity that print their mounts, as Robert Carsen (‘Elektra’), Richard Jones ('Ariodante') O Keith Warner (‘Faust’), in addition to the return of Damiano Michieletto ('The Journey to Reims').

Meanwhile, the choice of music directors, as it indicated by Noriega Iglesias, It has been made based on their specialty with the repertoire that they address: Andrea Marcon, Baroque; Christopher Moulds o William Christie, the classic; Marc Albrecht, the music of Strauss; Francesco Lanzilotta and Rossini repertory; Y Michel Plasson, French romantic repertoire.

Operatic activity begins in late September with five functions of 'Le nozze di Figaro' at reasonable prices, in a celebrated assembly of Emilio Sagi, starring the Spanish sopranos Maria Jose Moreno and Sabina Puértolas, Polish baritone Andrzej Filończyk, and Canadian bass Robert Gleadow.

In November, the Main Hall offers, in semi-staged version, the first comic opera composed by Mozart just turned 18 years: 'La Finta Giardiniera', and involving the presentation of William Christie Les Arts and Les Arts Florissants, formation of absolute reference in the recovery and interpretation of baroque and classical music on ancient instruments.

The Center Placido Domingo also delves into new composers and styles this season. Under the musical responsibility for Roger Vignoles, Young artists explore the French operatic repertoire with 'Les Mamelles de Tiresias', Poulenc, a transcription for two pianos Britten.

Les Arts Debuts in one of the new values ​​of the staging, American Ted Huffman, with a sparkling production, of which are scheduled 6 functions in November at the Teatre Martin i Soler and at the Teatro Principal de Castelló.

The close relationship with Les Arts Placido Domingo is maintained with a new feat of the artist in the baritone tessitura with 'Nabucco', in Verdi, which opens 2 from December. Accompanied by Anna Pirozzi, Reference soprano for the role of Abigaille, Jordi Bernàcer returns to the den in his first opera as a starter in the Main Hall.

The 'regista' Tadeusz Strassberger, author of the co-production of Les Arts 'I due Foscari', pays tribute to the opulence and color peplum in this montage film title iconic Italian nation.

Con 'Elektra', scheduled for January, the fourteenth season paid off one of the great demands of critics and audiences: the return of the great Central European repertoire with the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana has obtained its highest recognitions, as explained Iglesias Noriega.

The debut of two established artists such as Marc Albrecht and Robert Carsen, It joins "a cast of first level" led by Irene Theorin, Reference interpreter of this role, Doris Soffel y Sara Jakubiak.

He 29 de febrero if estrena 'The Journey to Reims', a walk in the bel canto repertoire of the hand of one of his top representatives, Gioachino Rossini, under the direction of ascending Francesco Lanzillota.

On stage, Les Arts receives the staging of reference for this work, Damiano Michieletto has led to cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Roma, Moscú o Melbourne. A team of some of the most interesting young voices Rossini today addresses this authentic voice cast and scenic holiday.

Twelve years after the premiere of 'Orlando' in the Main Hall, Baroque Handel returns in April with 'Ariodante', a poetic hymn to honor and fidelity, by renowned specialists in this musical style.

Richard Jones, one of the great innovators of the British scene, signs an interesting adaptation that takes the medieval legend in the mid-twentieth century, which it has enjoyed an excellent reception in Europe and the United States.

The artistic director has also noted that Les Arts, as a cultural engine, It has an obligation to the Valencian musical heritage and, especially, with the most successful territory operista: Vicente Martín y Soler.

Thus, 'Il tutore burlato' will be the new opera production of the season; commissioned by the Valencian Jaume Policarpo, which will feature leading professionals from Les Arts for execution, and the master of Alcàsser Cristóbal Soler in his first collaboration with artists Placido Center Sunday.

Visit one of the great legends of conducting, Michel Plasson, with one of the reference titles opera gala, ‘Faust’, Gounod, closes the season. Plasson, unquestioned expert in the French repertoire, it gets for the first time in front of the stable bodies of Les Arts.

'Faust' represents, Likewise, the reunion of the Valencian public soprano Ailyn Pérez with bass-baritone and Alex Esposito, plus the opportunity to hear first tenor John Osborn quoted.

'The Arts is Zarzuela'

The artistic director has revealed that the presence of the zarzuela, large format and with leading figures, It will be another constant. In October, and within titles with popular prices, It offered 'The barmaid port', Sorozábal.

Guillermo García-Calvo, regular at the Vienna State Opera, He directs the stable bodies of the theater and a roster of singers, in which are two Valencians who had not yet sung at Les Arts: Marina Monzo and Antonio Gandia.

Mario Gas, one of the great artists of the national scene, he surrounds himself as Ezio Frigerio professionals or oscarizada Franca Squarciapino for a spectacular assembly and faithfulness to the original text.

'The Arts is Dance'

Dance becomes a chapter in its own programming. Opens the cycle in January a new production of Les Arts with Ananda , ‘Âtman, the Goodbye'.

After more than 40 year career, the founder and choreographer of the company, Rosangela Valls, says goodbye to the stage with this show, accompanied by the music of his usual collaborator, Pep Llopis.

Meanwhile, in February, National Dance Company will bring on tour choreography of 'Carmen' which premiered in John Inger 2015 and will feature accompanying the OCV under the direction of Oliver Diaz.

'An ode while', of María Pagés Company, Offer closes dance. the dancer, creator and choreographer visit Les Arts for the first time with his aesthetic concept of flamenco dance that has crossed borders.

'The arts are Lied'

The Main Hall is the setting for a new programming line, cycle 'lied', representing debut opera theater Valencian of some of the most acclaimed voices on the international scene.

El inglés tenor Piotr Beczała, French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, English baritone Simon Keenlyside or soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta Gipuzkoa, Also for the first time at Les Arts, with Violeta Urmana, well known by the public of Les Arts, They offer six selected evenings dedicated to the genre.

'The Arts is Great Voices'

'The Arts is Great Voices' is Unpublished otra PROPOSAL, with which the most emblematic figures of their careers are invited to do a review of the styles and repertoires that have forged. US Joyce DiDonato suggests 17 May a select Baroque program, style has elevated to Olympus lyric, accompanied by the orchestra Il Pomo d'Oro and the ascending director Maxim Emelyanychev.

'Symphonic Arts is'

The Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana will work for the new season with some of the most renowned circuit, debuting or returning to the Valencian coliseum. James Gaffigan, Michele Mariotti, Gustavo Gimeno, Juanjo Mena, Daniele Gatti Ivor Bolton and propose, in their respective appointments, varied programs, four of them with the participation of the choir, with those who demonstrate the excellence of stable bodies of Les Arts.

'The Arts is Flamenco and Other Music'

During his speech, Jesus Iglesias Noriega, He recalled the musical diversity as one of the pillars of the artistic project for the coming years, and flamenco, as one of the most important hallmarks of the Spanish culture, shall enjoy own chapter.

Under this heading, arts center forward four proposals which address the cantejondo: Diego el Cigala, one of the most representative figures of new trends; the breath of fresh air Rocío Márquez; the talented singer Duquende, and Flamenco fusion Manuel Lombo.

further, attend musical events programming underserved to date in previous seasons: the 'jazz' and fado. Chick Corea presented in March 'Chick Corea Trilogy', an encounter with the 'jazz' ever, through known issues, while the shuddering Mariza, one of the great fado today, June will perform a selection of works of an unprecedented kind to date in the offer theater.

'Arts for everyone'

El compromiso de Les Arts Theater as Public materialize in the program 'Arts for everyone', gathering activities, shows, collaborations and initiatives free or nominal prices with which revert to the Valencian society support for the project. In addition to two consolidated as the 'Open Day' or 'Nit a les Arts' activities, paragraph includes new contributions to diversify and enrich public life theater:

The first novelty is the series 'Les Matins Arts': six musical Sunday matinees Main Hall, with a symbolic price of five euros, in which the artistic assets theater: the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, the Cor de la Generalitat and singers Placido Center Sunday, They offer interesting programs to attract new audiences.

Le sigue 'Preview up to 28', an initiative of great acceptance in major European opera houses, and allow those under 28 years enjoy titles like 'The barmaid port', 'The Journey to Reims', 'Ariodante' or 'Faust' by ten euros.

After several years of marathons around Mozart, y with the motivop estreno de 'The Journey',the new operatic course will be dedicated to Gioachino Rossini. Under the name of 'Marató Rossini', Les Arts invited to celebrate the figure of the genius of Pesaro and its impact on European culture with a wide range of free activities.

Openness to society also involves bringing it to your artists. That is the purpose of the 'Perspectives' initiative, in which the characters opera and zarzuela establish a dialogue with viewers and will complement the cycle 'Conferències' of operista expert Ramon Gener.

Likewise, the truck 'Les Arts Volant' will continue its journey through different municipalities with the successful installation of 'BASTIA i Bastienne', Mozart, and will present a new production of 'The burlat tutor', Vicente Martín y Soler.

New institutions adhere to Les Arts this course to strengthen links with the social and cultural reality. In addition to the cooperation with IVAM, the Museum of Fine Arts in Castelló, Film Archive of Valencia and Berklee College of Music will be new collaborators and activity will also be maintained with the Federation of Music Societies of Valencia.

On the other hand, under this section will also include the show 'The Opera Locos', recently awarded the Max Prize, fusing fragments of the most popular operas with various musical styles

'Arts Education and Training is'

The educational program Les Arts strengthens its offer, which already reaches all ages and audiences: babies, Early Childhood Education students, from elementary school, Secondary, professional deformation, of specialized education, University, adult training and also has a section dedicated to family audiences.

Shows like 'Babies Only', 'Feel the Music', 'Conta'm opera' and 'Detectives in the opera', working sessions as 'Tots to Cor', The opera building 'or' One morning ', and educational workshops as 'VestuArts' i 'CaracteritzaT' articulate the main actions.

This section also contains monitoring and coordination of the program LOVA ('The opera as a vehicle for learning'), planning educational functions of the shows represented in the Teatre Martin i Soler, Danseta collaboration with the Dansa València Festival, In addition to actions in academia with the UJI in Castelló, la UPV, UV and UNED.

Meanwhile, the Center Placido Domingo, This year is also open to pianists repertoristas, It will remain as the main forming agent, in addition to its contribution to the theater program in various actions.

The main innovation in the training program will be the 'Workshop coral Direcció d'opera', directed by Francesc Perales, in collaboration with the Cor de la Generalitat, in order to complete the training of young professional directors.