Lisette Oropesa at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

The big ones are getting bigger international voices attracted by the irresistible magnetism of zarzuela. And what better place to extol the genre than the Teatro de la Zarzuela, unique in the world with a regular season dedicated to this music, created ago 165 years precisely to safeguard and promote it to the point of making it essential. And so, next week will live in this coliseum one of the highlights of the season with the American soprano Lisette Oropesa, one of today's great lyrical voices, acclaimed in each and every one of the most important theaters in the world. Inside of the Concert series of the Madrid Coliseum, the interpreter from New Orleans will present the next Monday 13 from December (20h00) a concert dedicated to extol the genre and the importance that the mutual influence of the two shores of the Ocean had for it; not in vain has he baptized it as ‘Zarzuela back and forth’, and in it she will be accompanied by the pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre.

Lisette Oropesa thus faces for the first time a recital armed with ballads by Spanish and Cuban zarzuela, in a musical evening that promises to be one of those moments not to forget and that will serve as tribute to Cuba, the land of their fathers; its roots.

In concert it will be a exciting journey that will transit indistinctly through zarzuela ballads from here –Barbieri, Sorozábal or Penella– and Cuban zarzuela –Ankermann, Lecuona or Roig–, in addition to the beauty and sentiment of songs from both sides –Failure, Nin o Rodrigo–.

Rubén Fernández Aguirre will also pay two separate tributes in his solo piano interventions: one to Emilio Arrieta, and another to Astor Piazzolla on the bicentennial and centenary of their respective births.