Blanca Li's most committed show arrives at the Liceu

Solstice by Blanca Li Company

Solstice is the most committed show of Blanca Li. Born in Granada, formed in New York with Martha Graham and established with her own company in Paris, Li is a great choreographer, filmmaker, dancer and actress; an artist in constant renewal who draws inspiration from a wide range of styles, from flamenco to classical ballet and urban dance. Everything begins and is completed with the energy of movement and dance.

With Solstice celebrate beauty, power and energy from concern for the degradation of nature. This restlessness is transformed into an obsession expressed in dance and gesture. As Li explains to us, "The elements of nature are wonderful and essential, but altering them can create great catastrophes. Water, for example, it's marvelous, but it can turn into terrible floods. Wind can drift from breeze to hurricane, and the sun and heat are the origin of fires and droughts ".

Everywhere: in the metropolises, in the depths of the oceans, in wild spaces and in those that are domesticated by humanity, nature is changing and calling us. The ambiguous and complex relationships that we maintain with our environment have been the starting point of this montage. Halfway between worry and admiration, love and violence, conservation and destruction, How can we maintain the development of our civilizations without depleting the planet? Fourteen incredible dancers and a percussionist shape this show that, through the power of dance combined with scenography, suits, video, lights and music, evokes the disorders of our ecosystem and raises what is the place of man within nature, not considering it its center but as one of its components.

Photograph: Laurent Philippe