Liceu managers warns that the future is at risk

The start of the season 2012-2013 of the Gran Teatre del Liceu has undergone changes in its funding sources that may have very adverse consequences for the future of the institution.
The unforeseen budget adjustment by the administrations of the 33% of the budget initially approved by the executive committee of the Foundation within the framework of the 2012 and ratified in the Master Plan last July, and the descent of 30% in income, due to falling demand, aggravated by the increase in prices with the rise in VAT 8 al 21%, they put the future of the Liceu at risk.
This decrease in income, valued at 4 millions of euros, it can jeopardize the cash flows and the immediate activity of the theater and irreversibly deteriorate the foundations of its artistic activity. The progress of the choir and the orchestra, the prestige and credit that the Liceu has earned among our fellow citizens, the spectators, the most important artists and opera houses in the world are in danger with this new situation.
To resolve the situation, the Liceu has initiated a series of actions in the short and medium term, among which the negotiations with companies, which will be done jointly with the representatives of the public administrations present in the governing bodies of the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu, with the aim of increasing the contributions of the business world to the Theater and incorporating new companies that offer us their support. At the same time, the Liceu will expand and strengthen the Benefactor program, with expanding individual stand figures, addressed to individuals who, with your contribution, are actively involved with the Liceu project. The third measure is the opening of a new way of income through international patronage, as it already exists in many other opera houses in Europe.
parallel, The “Actuem pel Liceu” platform has been created, born at the initiative of civil society, which will start its own campaign to raise funds from small private contributions. The Liceu strongly and gratefully supports this citizen initiative, which will be presented shortly.