Children create their own operas at the Royal Theater


In season 2006-2007 the Royal Theater launched Lova projectThe opera, Learning a vehicle-, through which teachers from three public schools in the Community of Madrid, trained at the Royal Theater, They turned their elementary classrooms Small companies created, They produced and premiered his own operas. [See documentary film]

Each student participating in Lova (between the 5 and the 16 years) ─como author assumes responsibility for the text, of the music, scenographer, illuminator, Carpenter, costume designer, makeup artist, stage-manager, Press Officer, marketing, public relations, etc.─ and, team up, You must work throughout the school year to achieve its objective and produce ─crear ópera─, integrating this learning in language classes, Physical education, Mathematics, English, Artistic education, Environmental Awareness, etc. Lova opera becomes a springboard for learning, through the integration of each student's work on a common project, in which everyone participates, without exclusions.

Today, 11 years later, about 8000 students have premiered over 280 operas in preschools, primary, special, middle and high fifteen Autonomous Communities. Lova is also developed in other institutions, as in the Madrid III Penitentiary Center, Asprodema Day Center of Logroño, or the Official Language School of A Coruña.

During the current school year 57 companies from 46 schools in Spain carried out the Lova project thanks to teacher training courses offered by the Royal Theater every July, directed by Mary Ruth McGinn. American teacher brought the Royal Theater 2006 This learning format created in Seattle in years 70 and subsequently received by the Washington National Opera, achieving spectacular results in Spain at the level of cognitive development and social integration.

The European Comission Lova has been recognized as an example of good practice for the development of cultural competence (Cultural Awareness and Expression Handbook); and the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy at the University of Girona is conducting an evaluation of Lova, which will end in June 2018.