Marc Migó premieres the opera The Fox Sisters at the Liceu


The days 9 Y 10 of July, the young composer based in New York Marc Migó will premiere his second chamber opera, commissioned by the Liceu Barcelona, under the project ÒH!OPERA with artistic direction by Àlex Ollé.

The Fox Sisters, It is a micro-opera based on the true story of the Fox sisters., who are credited with creating the spiritist movement. In 1848, in the state of New York, Kate y Maggie Fox, they had fun scaring their mother, claiming they could communicate with a ghost. Leah, The big sister, understood the business potential of exploiting her younger sisters as child prodigies in supernatural communications, and became his manager. Years later, Kate and Maggie had become famous mediums. But nevertheless, at the end of their lives they decided to withdraw from the new spiritualist religion, revealing in front of journalists and scientists all the alleged tricks they used in seances.

With libretto by Lila Palmer, stage direction by Silvia Delagneau, musical direction of Irene Delgado-Jiménez and the participation of BAU University Design Center, chamber opera The Fox Sisters, addresses current issues such as feminism or post-truth, and it's written for soprano, mezzo soprano, baritone and string trio (fiddle, cello and double bass), amplified and connected to a speaker system surrounding the audience, in order to create an enveloping effect, so that the drama not only happens on the stage but throughout the space.

Marc Migó, who is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in composition at the Juilliard School in New York, bajo the tutelage of John Corigliano, has just been incorporated into the catalog of composers of the prestigious publisher Universal Edition for the publication of his works, and this summer he will premiere his orchestral work Dumka for Anya at the prestigious Cabrillo Festival (California). further, has recently obtained the Dominik Argento Fellowship for Opera Composition from the National Opera Association.