Maria João Pires returns to Madrid in the Great Interpreters Cycle

Maria Joao Pires

The Fundación Scherzo is pleased to present the first concert of this 27º Cycle of Great Performers, what will take place next 15 January in the Symphony Hall of the National Music Auditorium. At, We are pleased to announce the return of the great Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires to the programming of the Cycle of Great Interpreters, well since the year 2015 we had not been able to count on his presence again.

For this unique evening —since it also marks the return of the performer after the injury she suffered last October— Pires has prepared a program full of dreams and musical colourisms
that will take us to a world between the dreamlike and the earthly. With the music of Debussy and Schubert, a chromatic palette opens up capable of exacerbating the deepest feelings of the human being.

of the French genius, Maria João Pires will offer us her Deux arabesques L. 66 —pieces of youth, that already outline what in the future we will call "Musical Impressionism"—and the Bergamasque Suite—also a work of youth that, despite Debussy's attempts to prevent its publication, finally saw the light 1905, thus discovering one of the author's best-known pieces: the moonlight—.

From F. Schubert, will perform the Sonata for piano in B flat major no.. 21, D. 960 , composer's last sonata, for many, represents the apex of the romantic sonata.

With this concert, the Cycle of Great Performers will kick off its 27th edition, continuing programming next 28 February, with none other than Grigory Sokolov, the genius of
music made at the moment.

Concert in collaboration with La Filarmónica.

Photography @ Felix Broede