María José Montiel returns to Valencia with Mahler

After starting the season celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Balearic Symphony conducted by Pablo Mielgo with three concerts in Mallorca, María José Montiel returns this month to Valencia to open the subscription season of the Orchestra of Valencia with the third Symphony of Gustav Mahler with the teacher Ramón Tebar on the podium. It will be the 22 October in the Palace of Arts. Mahler, mezzosoprano which Madrid has sung many of his vocal catalog and who is considered a benchmark is an author who, in the words of singer, “in recent years he has accompanied me a lot in my career and I am therefore very happy and proud, as I feel his music and his art like a second skin. His creations are sublime and when I was fortunate to begin interpreting his works I was caught by the emotional burden associated”. As for his third Symphony, Montiel defined as “an anthem to nature; It has a wonderful melodic originality in its treatment transporting you to another world, sometimes cutting your breathing; It is certainly one of the most beautiful works ever written and it is a privilege to liven ", concludes.

Alternating his professional career on stage with teaching -the last May was named professor of singing the Universität der Künste Berlin-, Madrid mezzo return in November to Berlin to continue his teaching, what work, in collaboration with various institutions in Germany settled down Spanish, It is made to disseminate and publicize the song concert by Spanish authors.

Among other commitments, in season 2019/2020 also they include recitals in cities like Madrid and Alicante or return to the Cervantes Theater in Malaga to get into the skin of the female protagonist The favourite, Donizetti, a character who debuted last few seasons at the Teatro Comunale Bologna.

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Photograph: Fernando Vázquez Morago