María Terremoto in Andalusia Flamenca from the CNDM

María Terremoto © Paco Barroso

On Friday 7 of May, to 19:30h. the last of the recitals of the cycle will take place in the Chamber Hall of the National Auditorium of Madrid Andalucía Flamenca, organized by the National Center for the Diffusion of Music.

The cantaora Maria Earthquake He is a descendant of the Terremoto de Jerez de la Frontera family saga, lineage of great masters. Granddaughter of the genius of cante Fernando Fernández Monge, known as the Jerez Earthquake, and daughter of the singer Fernando Fernández Pantoja, Fernando Terremoto, It is considered one of the clearest promises in flamenco singing of the moment, with amazing faculties in continuous development. These are some of the reasons why the Giradillo has been awarded to the revelation artist of the XIX Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

Andalucía Flamenca returns again to the National Music Auditorium of Madrid. Seven are the appointments proposed by the CNDM and the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions —through the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco—, in a collaboration that, year after year, offers the satisfaction of verifying the good reception that the Madrid public offers. And he returns with a program where multiple jondo territories are represented and starred, in not a few cases, for the inheritance of great flamenco sagas.

Madrid knows about flamenco traditions. Not in vain, Since the 19th century, the capital has been the host and epicenter of cante interpreters, dance and guitar. From there flamenco spread and spread, it was protected in difficult times and the premiere of works that still remain in the historical memory of this art was encouraged. Practically all the important names in flamenco have spent not only performing seasons in Madrid, they also lived in it for long periods. Scenarios like those of Villa Rosa, Los Canasteros, Torres Bermejas, the Corral de la Morería, the Circo Price Theater ... were essential for the growth of artists who found a suitable space in the city, cozy and warm.

All this not only remains for the memory of flamenco. It is also in the public, that continues to make this tradition good and that accumulates an unquestionable jonda wisdom. We offer this audience that fills every performance of Andalucía Flamenca, for the season 2020-2021, a concert schedule that starts on 13 November - in the run-up to the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the declaration of flamenco as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco - and concludes the 7 of May.

María Terremoto © Paco Barroso