Marina Heredia sings to Lorca in Los Teatros del Canal

Marina Heredia

Theaters Canal Madrid present Lorca and passion. A sea of ​​dreams, a cante show, music, dance and performance directed by Marina Heredia que se podrá ver los días 18 Y 19 June in the Red Room.

The show puts on stage Lorca's complex and profound vision of women as explained by Rosario Pardo, responsible for the script and stage direction: “Smart women, did you know, mothers, rural, independent or repressed, have always accompanied his literary universe. Their vision of the world is linked to the feminine way of being. This has been the engine and the choice of the four scenes that we present in this show ...”.

Lorca and passion. A sea of ​​dreams busca conmover al público eligiendo cada palabra para mostrar la visión femenina del mundo de Federico del mismo modo que muestra su obra como un todo reuniendo en este trabajo el cante, music, la danza y la interpretación. Artistas como Marina Heredia, Eva the Yerbabuena, Jose Quevedo the Ball, José Sánchez Montes and Rosario Pardo have joined their creative strength and enthusiasm to give shape to this project.