Bach Mozart y, JORCAM family of concerts at the Canal Theater

Theaters Canal Madrid present two programs aimed at family audiences interpreted by the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid (JORCAM) the days 12 Y 18 May 2019.

First, the day 12 of May, members of JORCAM Little Singers will perform in the Green Room program Music colors II. A repertoire in which the works themselves reflect their musicianship different colors and environments that evoke works as Clouds in the blue sky the Holst, Green songs Y Four yellow ballads of the Chilcott watercolors Anton Garcia Abril.

The day 18 the Timbarimba group will make an exciting journey through the world map through the experiences of a traveling marimba. Music from classical authors, Bach and Mozart as, to current pop songs, through folk music, ethnic and soundtracks.

The Timbarimba Group specializes in designing and starring in shows with an informative character for the family audience, where children and adults can enjoy music. Timbarimba are three percussionists musical training professionals, soul clown and artistic spirit.

In its tenth edition, Ibercaja Music Series has consolidated its activity while maintaining a seal of quality and innovation, directing its offer to all audiences, and preserving the commitment to educational concerts and family, in an entertaining format, both, formative. Hand of JORCAM, a young project with a great connection with society, This cycle is designed to provide an opportunity for young performers, so that they can share their talent and creativity.

Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORCAM), in its various formations (youth Orchestra, Young and Young Child Camerata Singers and BBVA Foundation) It consists of a 370 young boys (210 instrumentalists and around 160 voices). Its main objective is to expand and develop the musical knowledge to facilitate and prepare its members for future access to professional groups. This learning is done through knowledge and practice of choral and orchestral repertoire, experience in chamber groups, comprehensive participation in artistic projects such as dance, musical theater, the opera, etc.

Program 12 mayo

watercolors A. García Abril
KolorezkoKaiola D. Azurza
Four yellow ballads B. Chilcott
Cuckoo, Jazz-man, Old Abram B. Britten
the Canaveral R. alarco
Wind blowing J. Bust
Nigra sum P. Casals
Gaubeltza D. Azurza
My father has a castle A. García Abril
the sleeve M. Bor
three hojitas R. Lluch
Green Songs B. Chilcott
Clouds in the blue sky G. Holst
Lullaby in Blue B. Chilcott
The blue sea A. Degree
Frmprm D. Azurza

Program 18 of May
Violin Sonata No. 2 (Slowly) J. S. Bach
Turkish rondo W. A. Mozart
Ghanaia M. Schmitt
The Entertainer S. Joplin
Serbian game N. J. Zivkovic
Sweet Dreams P.I.Tchaikowsky
Remains of the day D. Elfman
The Little Mermaid A. Menken & H. Ashman
The turtle Arr. P. philistine
Spain C. Korea