Music with sunset views


Programming Royal Junior back to the rehearsal room of the orchestra, one of the most special and distinctive features of the Teatro Real, where the season 2014-2015 there was the series of articles devoted to Chopin nocturnes and left in public concerts an extraordinary memory.

Under the title Moonlights, This new musical event will offer a repertoire of compositions for piano from ten European authors who lived between centuries XVIII and XXI, Beethoven, which Moonlight Sonata names the concert, Chopin, Brahms and Liszt, among others. His music is desgranarán the evening of the day 17, 18, 24 Y 25 February at 20.00 hours and days 19 Y 26, the same month, to 19.00 h.

When the moon begins to show itself curious Theatre after the glass that opens onto the Plaza de Isabel II, the narrator, Fernando Palacios, He gives voice to poets who have felt bewitched by the light and the romantic cloak of night, before the music transport us to more intimate corners through the hands of the pianist Noelia Rodiles.

Both those lucky enough to attend concerts, as those who want to explore this particular musical universe, can see the tutorial what, on the website of the Royal Theatre, It is offered for free with developed program information, authors and data record references serve to satisfy curiosity and complete information of all fans.

"A poetry evening twilight, with an intimate piano and a story that will help revive our ears the secret music of the moon ", Fernando Palacios, writer and presenter Moonlights.


1 Moon flight

BEETHOVEN Sonata “Moonlight”: 1 mov. 6:00

FAURÉ Nocturne Op. 33, No 3 5:00

2 Consuelo at night

On SCRIABIN Preludio. 2, No 2 1:00

LISZT Consolation nº 3 4:30

3 Moonlight

Debussy Moonlight 5:00

4 Nocturnes

John Field Nocturne No. 12 2:30

CHOPIN Nocturne Op.32 No.1 5:00

5 Album moons

  1. RODGERS Blue moon 1:00

BART HOWARD Fly me to the moon 1:00

  1. MANCINI Moon River 1:00

6 whimsical

SATIE Gnossienne nº 3 4:00

SHOSTAKOVICH Preludio On. 34 No 10 2:00

7 moon eternal

BRAHMS Intermezzo Op. 118 No 2 6:00