Les Arts closes its season with ‘Night at Les Arts’


Les Arts closes its season 2021-2022 he 8 Y 9 July with ‘Night at the Arts’: two nights of free activity for all audiences, with a wide range of proposals in the different rooms of the building from the 20.00 h until 2.00 h in the morning.

After several editions postponed due to the pandemic, Les Arts recovers its 'white night', what, in his ninth celebration, includes technical-artistic shows with the Cor de la Generalitat and the artists of the Center de Perfeccionament, concerts by the Orchestra of the Valencian Community conducted by Sergio Sáez, two performances of the opera 'El tutor burlat', a costume and utility exhibition and two DJ music sessions with Eduardo Díaz (NO FROST).

Parallel to the development of artistic activity, The Arts abre, from 20.30 h, its free-roaming areas for anyone who wants to get to know and enjoy the open-air spaces of the operatic enclave, that will have a restaurant service.

Starting at 20.00 h the five technical-artistic passes begin (20.50 h, 21.40 h, 23.30 and h 0.20 h) that allow you to contemplate behind the scenes what the work is like on the stage of the Main Hall.

In groups of up to 240 people, attendees have the opportunity to get to know through an 'ad hoc' show, of some 40 minutes long, the operation of the stage machinery, lighting, audiovisuals and all the necessary elements to start an opera performance, in this exhibition in which the singers of the Center de Perfeccionament and the Cor de la Generalitat participate.

Meanwhile, the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana (OCV) will discover an unprecedented space for the general public, the Orchestra Rehearsal Room, in which the main formation of Les Arts will offer three concerts, from 40 minutes long, under the musical direction of Sergio Sáez, OCV professor.

The repertoire of each of the three passes (20.50 h, 21.50 and h 23.50 h) will be made up of famous opera and zarzuela overtures. Public access will be from the eleventh floor of the building, where the Terrasses de les Palmeres are located.

on that same floor, the Espai Los Toros will host an exhibition of costumes and props, with costumes and scenic elements from some of the most significant productions of Les Arts.

Meanwhile, the Teatre Martín i Soler will open its doors at 22.00 h to host a performance of 'El tutor burlat', the first opera by Vicente Martín i Soler, in its version in Valencian, which will be sung by young singers and former students of the Center for Perfection accompanied by the piano.

Jaume Policarpo directs this colorful and fun production that, in addition to his performances at Les Arts, successfully travels through different municipalities of the Valencian Community with the 'Les Arts Volant' truck.

At 0.30 h, DJ Eduardo Díaz (NO FROST) will convert the eleventh floor terraces, overlooking the Turia garden, on a big dance floor with a music session, that will dismiss the activity of both days to the rhythm of 'dance'. The arts center will close its doors from Friday to Saturday night at 2.00 am, and an hour later, to 3.00 h, in the night from saturday to sunday.


Les Arts reminds that it will be necessary to have a locality (free) to be able to enjoy the shows in closed spaces: the technical-artistic passes in the Main Hall, the concerts of the Valencian Community Orchestra in the Rehearsal Hall, and performances of the opera 'El tutor burlat' at the Teatre Martín i Soler.

Subscribers and members of the patronage program of Les Arts will be able to request their tickets in advance from the day 5 July on the website www.lesarts.com Y, from the day 6, in person at the theater box office, with a maximum of 4 accessed by a subscriber or patron.

Meanwhile, the general public, you can order your tickets from the same 6 July through the Les Arts website and, one day later, he 7 of July, physically in the theater. A maximum of two invitations will be assigned per applicant.

Les Arts reminds that the places available by pass are limited to the capacity of each of the venues.

Photography © Miguel Lorenzo / Mkel Ponce