OCNE Special Concert 10 mayo


The next sunday 10 of May, to 11.30 hours, the ONCE and the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain deals with concert Extraordario Heritage Recovery, a project that is both an honor and irrevocable obligation, the preservation of our musical legacy recesses. This extraordinary concert will be recorded and edited with the new record label of OCNE.

Few authors are more deserving of this desire that Manuel García, one of the greatest musical talents that has given our country throughout its history and, undoubtedly, the most international Spanish musician of the nineteenth century. The score for this program, recovered in National Library Paris and edited by Ramón Sobrino, shows the compositional talent that amazed his contemporaries in a repertoire, symphonic, with which usually is associated not. The acclaimed director Christophe Rousset You will be responsible for its first modern interpretation.

Christophe Rousset, founder Les Talens Lyriques prestigious and internationally renowned harpsichordist, He is a musician and bandleader inspired by the passion for opera and exploration of European musical heritage, which it has a perfect understanding of the richness and diversity of pre-Baroque and Romantic repertoires.

Manuel García Symphony No.. 1. in C major; Porfía who achieved much; symphony No.. 5, in E flat major

Christophe Rousset director
Ainhoa ​​Garmendia soprano
Carol Garcia mezzo soprano
Gustavo de Gennaro tenor
José Antonio López baritone

Sonia Martinez soprano
Carmen Gurriarán soprano
Rosa Maria Segovia soprano
José María Abad tenor
Pedro Llarena low
Antonio Picó percussion
Juanma Navas storyteller