October is children at the Royal Theatre

The Royal Theater offer, on weekends in october, three concerts in its Main Hall and eight puppet shows in the Gayarre Hall aimed at children and young people.

The next day 8 October the Teatro Real begins the children's and youth program for its 15th Season, full of very attractive quotes in this fall, all of them on weekends, at a good price (5 Y 7 euros, minor 30 years and 10 Y 15 euros, from 30 years) and aimed at groups of different ages.
Saturdays 8 Y 15 In October we will have three concerts in the Main Hall of the Teatro Real entitled "Vagrand Instruments" that, with two different programs, teach children and youth, in a fun way, The instruments of the orchestra.
The two concerts on Saturday 8 , called " Neighboring Families " are recommended for children of 7 a 11 years. The woodwinds and brass, strings and percussion live in the house of music. like good neighbors, meet from time to time to form varied groups. Before saying goodbye they form an orchestra to play Beethoven.
in the saturday 15, to 12.00 hours , called “Numbers and strings, and much more ", 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8… Adding one after another, the instruments form duets, threesomes, quartets… The group increases until reaching the number 15: the perfection and balance of the string orchestra, from Bach to Britten. In this case, is aimed at young audiences, from 12 a 16 years.
They will have a script and presentation by Fernando Palacios and interpretation by the Madrid Symphony Orchestra-School, under the direction of José Antonio Montaño.
Still in October, the days 22, 23, 29 Y 30 , They will be offered 8 puppet shows in the Gayarre Hall of the Royal Theater , called "The attic of toys", with music by Debussy, conceived and performed by the Etcétera Company and aimed at children of 4 a 7 years. Price: 10 € under 30 years and 18 € from 30 years).
Claude Debussy, contemporary of impressionist painters, He was one of the great composers of the early 20th century., also fascinated by the East, shadow play and toys. That fascination is a source of inspiration in the assembly carried out by the Etcétera Company, that inquires about family memory, the value of memories and objects bequeathed to us by our parents and grandparents.
A complete Didactic Guide with detailed information on each of the Teatro Real children's and youth concerts is available in the EDUCATIONAL PROJECT section of the Teatro Real website, www.teatro-real.com.