Paola Leguizamon takes the Colombian Song to the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Paola Leguizamón at the Zarzuela

Colombian mezzosoprano Paola Leguizamón will make its presentation at the Teatro de la Zarzuela the next Monday, 9 from December (20h00), to undertake a touching journey hand some of the most important figures of the music of their land. It will be within the Notes cycle Ambigú, and it will be accompanied on the piano by maestro Rubén Fernández Aguirre.

In spite of the incontestable greatness of composers and works which for many decades they are feeding the souls of those who, with our same language, They inhabit the other side of the Atlantic, there are few occasions when these music for obvious reasons many times are we so close, They are anchored on the coast of the ocean rightful.

This is one of the many points of interest which brings the recital that next Monday and virtuous young Leguizamón will offer Ambigú in La Zarzuela. The program is exciting from start to finish, with works Jaime de León, who will perform about a dozen songs; Antonio Maria Valencia, whose work the soprano and teacher repertorist address his song cycle on poems by the musicologist and Colombian poet Otto de Greiff; Luis Antonio Calvo, Fernández Aguirre who evoke with its beautiful 'Intermezzo No. 2 Piano ', "Wild Blue"; Luis Carlos Figueroa, with an important sample of its splendid songbook; and to top, José María Tena, with the popular 'Romance of the black girl'.

He Teatro de la Zarzuela it will be like that again different place where live concerts also as a unique experience. Public and artists sharing music in communion. Coming in the same plane, wrapped by the privacy of that warm living room which is the Ambigú.

A concert Paola Leguizamón, third cycle, will follow that of the baritone Maybe Borja 'The migration Galicia, Return songs', the soprano Andrea Jimenez 'Song Basque', that of the tenor and actor Ángel Ruiz dedicated to the Cuplé, the soprano Ruth González 'Three passions of women', the formation of Baroque The retreat led by cellist Josetxu Obregón 'The Spiritillo Brando', that of guitarist Ricardo Gallén 'Romantic Guitar', the trio Arbós with its new delivery 'Chamber Music' and soprano Berna Beads Joaquín Turina.

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Photograph: © 2016 Cartagena International Music Festival