“Lost in Bosco”, Marionette Theater de la Zarzuela

Lost in Bosco

The Teatro de la Zarzuela presents 'Lost in Bosco', a magical dream of puppets and live music for young audiences

  • He new show, for spectators from 6 years, is a coproduction between the theater and Spanish-Canadian company Claroscvro, and it is signed by Julie Vachon Y Francisco de Paula Sánchez.
  • The history, whose characters come to life thanks to amazing puppetry, develops riding a Also very peculiar music: Cantigas of Alfonso X the Wise, Codex Calixtinus O Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, and other compositions medieval.
  • The music is performed live by Sara Marina Y Emilio Villalba, also they participate as "angels" in this fantasy.

It is known that both children as young boys son priority in the artistic and educational project of Teatro de la Zarzuela. The purpose is that the public still without prejudice, go familiarizing themselves with the essence of our musical heritage Y theatrical so that end part of nature with little effort, using the intelligent fun as a way of learning. Walk in this direction 'Lost in Bosco', he new show of the theater, for the public from 6 years, coproduced with the Spanish-Canadian company Claroscvro, and signed by the two alma maters of this: Julie Vachon Y Francisco de Paula Sánchez. They will total 12 functions, Ten for school (of the 2 al 9 February), Y two are open to the family audience: Saturday 10 February at 11h00 and at 13h00. All of them Coliseum in Ambigú, made for the occasion in a cozy theater, and by now it is recognized as an artistic space more Plazuela de Jovellanos in.