Dance reigns again in the San Sebastian Musical Fortnight

San Sebastian Musical Fortnight

Dance reigns again San Sebastian Musical Fortnight with six different shows that range from the most contemporary to flamenco ballet.

The Victoria Eugenia Theater and the Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture, are once again protagonists of the Musical Fortnight Dance Cycle to offer, in this edition, a series of shows starring leading artists and groups in the sector.

The days 11 Y 12 of August, in the courtyard of Tabakalera, Jone San Martin y Mikel R. Grandson premiere “Aditu”, a multidisciplinary show that still music, dance and body language with an inclusive message that involves the deaf and dumb audience in the show. «Aditu» emerges as a different proposal, in which the dancers are part not only of the choreographic act, but also communicative through choreographies that use and are inspired by sign language. In the words of its creators: «Aditu wants to turn signs into movements and these into sounds, showing how an impossible hearing inscribed in a silent and silenced orality has the great capacity to make all sound imply communication and movement».

«Dead», the proposal of Judith Argomaniz and Lasala, the 18 from August to Tabakalera to introduce us to the lives of four women who fight against their contemporaneity. The actual society, like a chimera in search of the perfect woman, will be the obstacle that these four protagonists will have to face to cross the limits and break with what is established.

Estos of the shows ya mentioned, will be accompanied by three capsules starring Lokke | Andres Olatz. The days 17 Y 18, Lokke presents three of the capsules that make up his show “Doppelgänger”, an itinerant piece that breathes with the idea of ​​the double and the transformation of time. Within the Musical Fortnight, the Doppel-C3PO capsules will be presented: where two almost weightless bodies confront everyday time in a game of perspective. Doppel-Chess: where two bodies
absorbed by the game of chess are lost in the time of a game, and Doppel-Leo: in which two camouflaged bodies continuously unfold and merge in a dialogue of similarity and difference.

The Victoria Eugenia Theater will host the 17 August the tribute that the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia pays to the figure of Federico García Lorca, on the occasion of the centenary of the premiere of "The White Butterfly", work that made Lorca debut on stage and whose disaster was saved by the dancer of the moment, La Argentinita —whose dances and movements captivated the public and critics—. Thus, the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet offers us a show that travels, from contemporaneity, to those dances that marked a before and after at the dawn of the 20th century. From figures like Antonia Mercé: Argentina, Encarnacion Lopez: The Argentine, Carmen Amaya o Martha Graham, This proposal brings together all
these emblematic choreographies to transport us to a peak moment in the history of dance, of theater and cinema.

further, Kukai Dantza is in luck because it celebrates its twentieth anniversary. For the occasion, the company led by Jon Maya Sein (Rent, 1977) has created a new show, "And now what?», whose absolute premiere will take place within the framework of the Fortnight Andante. Lekuona Fabrika de Errenteria will be the space where this special project will see the light of day on Saturday 27 of August, to 20.00 hours. It also has the original music of Pascal Gaigne and the live performance of the Euskal
Country Youth Orchestra (EGO).