Raquel Lojendio and Rubén Fernández Aguirre open the cycle Notes from Ambigú

Raquel Lojendio

He Teatro de la Zarzuela will open next Tuesday, 20 October (20h00) a new edition of which is one of its most popular and successful cycles: Notes Ambigú. the soprano Raquel Lojendio and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre will render a moving tribute to Lorenzo Palomo (Real city, 1938), one of the Spanish composers with the greatest international projection, whose works have been premiered and performed by top-level artists and orchestras, in the most prestigious concert halls in the world.

the recital, of undoubted beauty and attractiveness, will start with An Andalusian spring (1992) composed on poems by Juan Ramon Jimenez, and they will follow Song of Dulcinea (2006), a selection of the pieces that make up magical path (2018), the 5 compositions that integrate From dusk to dawn or Memories of youth (1987) O Tientos, with verses from Antonio Gala.

Notes Ambigú 20/21

In this season the Theater continues to offer more than double of recitals that at the beginning of the cycle. 11 inescapable appointments of the 20 October to 15 of June.

At Lojendio Y Fernandez Aguirre will follow that of the baroque ensemble the Retreat directed by cellist Josetxu Obregón with 'The Spiritillo Brando' (1 of November), he trio Arbós with the third installment of 'Chamber music' (9 of November), the violinist and violist Cecilia Bercovich, the pianist and bandoneon player Claudius Constantine and the cellist and guitarist Sergio Menem, that offer a concert dedicated to the pulsating and imperishable music of the maestro Jose Padilla (24 of November), soprano Berna Beads and Rubén Fernández Aguirre, which in turn honor the sublime music of Joaquin Turina (3 from December), the Chapel Jerome Carrion directed by Alicia Lazaro, with whom we will undertake a journey from the Renaissance to the Spanish Baroque through the influences of secular and sacred music in ‘From the temple to the theater’ (15 February), soprano Cristina Toledo accompanied by the pianist Aurelio virivay, will offer the concert ‘Zarzuela in feminine’ on the occasion of International Women's Day (8 of March), Shiggaion. Music found, unknown works of the Spanish baroque, more specifically from the Valencian school of sacred music (22 of March), mezzosoprano Maria Antunez, accompanied by Rubén Fernández Aguirre on piano, will offer a recital dedicated to ‘Uruguayan music’ (19 of April), soprano Rocío Pérez and pianist Ramón Grau they will present the Integral of the cycle ‘Spanish classical songs’ of Fernando Obradors (10 of May) and the artist Ángel Ruiz, accompanied by pianist César Belda, will present ‘Tribute to Iberoamerica’ (15 of June).