Roberto Abbado closes the season 2018-2019 Les Arts with 'Lucia di Lammermoor', Donizetti

The Palace of Arts premiering Saturday 22 June opera 'Lucia di Lammermoor', Donizetti, with which Roberto Abbado closes the season 2018-2019 This arts center.

Jesus Iglesias Noriega, artistic director of Les Arts, He presented this production of "one of the top works of the bel canto repertoire", with the presence of Roberto Abbado, director musical, soprano Jessica Pratt and, protagonist of the play.

Les Arts will offer a total of six performances of "Lucia di Lammermoor '. In addition to the premiere, this Saturday 22 of June, the Main Hall will host performances of this opera day 25, 28 Y 30 of June, just like him 3 Y 6 of July. For more information on prices and schedules, Those interested can visit the website

Jean-Louis Grinda, that has not been present at the press conference due to agenda, signs the staging, his fourth in Valencia, with sets by Rudy Sabounghi, Jorge Jara wardrobe and lighting Laurent Castaing.

Co-produced by the Opéra Monte-Carlo and the New National Theater in Tokyo, Grinda presents a cutting assembly classic and true to Scotland late S. XVI who formed Sir Walter Scott's novel 'The Bride of Lammermoor', with concessions to new technologies with the presence of projections and videocreaciones.

Noriega Iglesias stressed the "excellent artistic Mimbres" featuring Les Arts: stable bodies of theater, Cor de la Generalitat and the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, and a cast of first voices for this drama

tragic Donizetti, with libreto of Salvatore Cammarano, portraying the rivalry between two clans: Ashton and Ravenswood.

Roberto Abbado, 'Lucia di Lammermoor' is a "romantic tragedy that is easy to recognize much of the poetry of this period", as the presence of nature, how well portrays Donizetti: the night, the moon, the water fountain and the sea, The Tempest, wind or fog of Scottish landscapes.

The Milanese maestro has also emphasized the conflict and feelings crossed between families, that trigger the tragedy of the fragile Lucia, "you should not just give up on love, but also his own life ".

musically, addition to the particularities of 'bel song', Abbado has stressed the "dramaturgy in the orchestra" of this score, "The great innovation of Donizetti", as the beginning of the opera "very similar to the funeral march we found in the end", or the psychological fragility of Lucia, presentation in Donizetti described by Harp.

In this sense, the musical director noted the use, in the famous mad scene from Lucia, glass harmonica, recovering for these representations, whose spectral sound, "That seems to be coming from another world, create a particular atmosphere ".

Interpreter Reference

Jessica Pratt after his forays with Rossini ('Unknown' V 'Tancredi') Les Arts interprets its role of reference and this began his career, the unfortunate Lucia Ashton, one of the highest scores, who has sung in more than 150 sometimes in the most prominent theaters in the world, which include the Metropolitan in New York and La Scala in Milan.

Explains the soprano born in Bristol, Lucia is a strong and independent character who loses his mind because he does not bow to the desire of men in the patriarchal society of the time. musically, He explained the difficulties of the score, Like the 20 minutes from the scene of madness, or seeking a balance between singing and scene before bel canto repertoire requirements.

After their acclaimed 'Tancredi', Abbado along with Pratt and Les Arts in 2017, the tenor Yijie Shi returns to Valencia with one of the most feared roles in this musical style, Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood, in love with Lucia. From its dazzling debut at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro 2008, the young singer in Shanghai is currently one of the most promising tenors.

Rounding out the main cast the Italian baritone Alessandro Luongo, debuting at Les Arts as Enrico, the scheming brother of Lucia; reputed low Alexander Vinogradov, linked to the arts center from 2006, in the role of Raimondo, chaplain in charge of the instruction Lucia, and the emerging tenor Xabier Anduaga, formed in Pesaro with Alberto Zedda and winner of five awards Francisco Viñas, who plays Lord Arturo Bucklaw, Lucia promised.

Photograph: Miguel Lorenzo and Mikel Ponce