Rocío Márquez debut in Les Arts with songs from their latest album 'Seen in Thursday'

dew Máequez

Rocío Márquez sing songs from their latest album 'Seen in Thursday' in his debut Palau de les Arts next Saturday 22 February at 21.00 hours at the Teatre Martin i Soler.

The 'singer', encumbrada by the press as the voice of the new generation of flamenco singing, stars in the second session 'Flamenco Arts is', the first cycle arts center dedicated to this genre, and successful concert opened with Diego el Cigala, with all localities out last December.

In 'Seen in Thursday', Huelva performer displays his restless personality and his enormous curiosity with a repertoire in which the gap between flamenco and not flamenco, singing and song, it is blurred, with songs of great artists versioned, and flamenco styles recreated.

Bambino songs, Rocío Jurado, Paco Ibáñez, Concha Piquer, El Cabrero, Turronero, Pepe Marchena, José Manuel Vallejo Menese and intersect and intermingle with serranas, 'Abandolaos', fandangos, malagueñas, rondeñas, peteneras, bulerías, marianas, romances and rumbas in the fifth record work of the artist Rocío Márquez.

After dispensing with the guitar in his two previous projects ('Firmament' and 'Dialogues of old and new sones'), Rocío Márquez returns to the instrument angle flamenco hand Canito. Between both, and clothed by the percussion of Agustín Diassera, take on the challenge of squeezing its expressive possibilities from the parameters of naturalness and simplicity musical and moving through constant experimentation with arrangements and melodies.

Tickets for the performance by Rocío Márquez, as well as other concerts of this cycle have a single price 30 euros.

'Flamenco Arts is'

In their search for new audiences and disciplines, Les Arts has launched, Cyclone 'is Flamenco Arts' dentro season 2019-2020. Last December, Diego el Cigala inaugurated the first monographic Valencia opera theater dedicated to this genre with all locations out in the Auditorium.

Rocío Márquez will be responsible for opening this Saturday the concert series at the Teatre Martin i Soler, whose stage also will in the coming months two important figures in the cantejondo: Duquende and Manuel Lombo.

Juan Cortés, Duquende, Les Arts will perform next 13 March accompanied by the guitar of Diego de Morao and the palms, choirs and compass Mellis. Discovered by Camaron de la Isla with only eight years and heir to the tradition of the legendary genius of flamenco, the 'singer' of Sabadell is one of the most respected figures in the deep sense of honesty and their interpretations.

Meanwhile, the day 25 of April, Manuel Lombo visit the Teatre Martin i Soler with his new project 'p'alante and p'atrás', by Macarena Lopez and Sara Jiménez. Dos Hermanas artist has emerged as one of the names that has introduced new blood into the cantejondo thanks to his performances and compositions from pop or the 'jazz', without sacrificing tradition.