Rocío Márquez and Fahmi Italy Alqhai walking hand CNDM and Instituto Cervantes


The flamenco singer Rocío Márquez next to the Baroque violagambista Fahmi Alqhai ended yesterday's successful mini-tour they have done for Italy, concerts in Rome, Naples and Palermo, presenting your project Dialogue of old and new sones. These three concerts are included in the cycle “Europe project: mestizajes”, which also it owns the Arbós Trio concert by the singer Rafael de Utrera scheduled 3 February in Amsterdam within the prestigious Dutch Bienal de Flamenco. These appointments that the National Broadcasting Center Musical co-produced with the Instituto Cervantes, it adds, for the third consecutive year, the Serie “Europe project: the string quartet in Spain” dedicated to spreading and promoting the Spanish string quartets and this format works written by composers of our country belonging to all ages (with four concerts in London, Krakow and Hamburg) Y, for the first time, he “Israel project”, will present two concerts and a master class of the Trio Arbós in Tel Aviv in the early days of next year.

Dialogues of old and new sones

Fahmi Alqhai and Accademia del Piacere and take a long journey studying and recovering musics “round trip”, especially its junction with flamenco oldest. In these dialogues with the singer Rocío Márquez highlight the basis of this genre as Spanish and how their tradition there is a constant interaction between new and old, looking for the binding sites of the songs alive today with its origins, some arrived to us by oral tradition and other read in old manuscripts: Gone flamenco songs and coming from Andalusia to American folklore and back to Andalucía, but also chaconnes and Marionas who crossed the Atlantic to be written in the early books of Spanish guitar, back in the seventeenth century; ostinato songs of the great Monteverdi with ancestral seguiriyas, with its wheel chords coming from the same Seicento Italy, tientos and tangos…Both Rocío Márquez as Fahmi Alqhai come a long way to go together, and complicity that exists facilitates conversation and enjoyment of the Italian public who have received heat and gratitude in every evening.

Defined by the press as "Most Valuable young talent of today's flamenco", Rocío Márquez (Huelva, 1985) is today one of the most promising singers of her generation. His clear voice, light, It is full of nuances that express their exquisite sensitivity. Positioning in its aesthetic classicism and modernity merge, as much is his love of tradition as restless creative spirit. With the publication of The boy (2014) Y Firmament (2017) He has transcended traditional flamenco circuits, where long consolidated figure, drawing the attention of critics and audiences different, who see it as one of the cante renovadoras.

If it is true to say criticism, ensuring that “begins to mark an era”, certainly one of its most important milestones was the concert held in the Symphony Hall of the National Auditorium last season 2017-2018 in the cycle Flemish Andalusia CNDM. Rocío in this show toured the highlight of his flamenco repertoire, also inviting two of his artistic references. On one side, Carmen Linares, the grande dame of flamenco and responsible pave the way for a generation of singers who currently claim the presence of women in singing. Of the other, Kiko Veneno, key figure of Spanish music in the past 40 years, great creator and example of freedom and commitment.

Fahmi Alqhai is today considered one of the most important interpreters of viola da gamba in the world and one of the greatest innovators of the interpretation of early music, thanks to its bold conception, the staff and communicative approach to historical repertoires. Born in Seville in 1976 a Syrian father and Palestinian mother, It formed in Seville and Switzerland (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and Conservatory of Italian Switzerland Lugano) with teachers Ventura Rico, Paolo Pandolfo y Vittorio Ghielmi. He worked for sets and top-notch directors (Jordi Savall, ton Koopman, Pedro Memelsdorff, uri Caine, etc.), while he is earning a degree in dentistry from the University of Sevilla. Focused and to his solo career and shed a whole, Academy of Pleasure, Fahmi Alqhai has led innovative recordings for Glossa (Rediscovering Spain, Song of Love) they have received important awards worldwide, even outside the realm of historical music, as the 'Giraldillo' for the "Best Music" of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012 by The twists and turns His fourth CD, by the cantaor Arcángel, and 'Giraldillo' 2016 "Innovation" by dialogues along Rocío Márquez. In 2014 Alqhai presents his first solo CD, A pleasure, renovadora whose conception of viola da gamba received an excellent reception across Europe. For the British magazine Gramophone is a disc “extraordinary” what “He takes the viola da gamba to a new field of potential joyful”, Y “a happy tribute to all that the violation may have been, and can still be”. With it toured Japan and the United States, after having sent Accademia del Piacere in major concert halls in the world as the Konzerthaus Vienna and Berlin, the new Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Cologne Philharmonie, Foundation Gulbenkian, Auditorio Nacional Madrid and many other scenarios Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc. In 2016 It presents his most personal work as a soloist: The Bach Album for the Glossa label, 'Audience Award' for "Best Album" 2016 for GEMA, 'Exceptional Disco' for Scherzo and 'Melómano de Oro'. Since 2009 He is artistic director of FEMAS, Early Music Festival in Seville.