Sax-Ensemble in the Chamber Sunday Series at the Teatro de la Zarzuela


He Chamber Sundays cycle. Women with Ñ of the Teatro de la Zarzuela present this next Sunday, 20 of March al Sax-Ensemble quartet, one of the best sets committed with the contemporary musicians and with the task of facilitating the access to music through pedagogy. This time, the concert, which will take place in the Ambigú of the coliseum at 12:00, will include works of Spanish composers today, among which two absolute premieres can be heard. Tickets are available at single price of €6.

In addition to being outstanding, the program is loaded with meaning since for the second consecutive year the aforementioned cycle, which is already celebrating its third edition, is dedicated entirely to the woman, and more specifically to role of female composers in spanish music; hence the title ‘Women with Ñ’ what defines it.

The quartet will include music from Sonia Megías, Maria Rosa Ribas, Zulema de la Cruz O Rachel Garcia Tomas, with world premieres of Cruz Lopez de Rego Y Laura de las Heras.

The Sax-Ensemble quartet was created in 1987 with the objective of promoting the creation and dissemination of contemporary music. This is a chamber group flexible integrated as base per flute, clarinet, fiddle, viola, cello, saxophone quartet, piano, percussion and electroacoustic music, and that counts in the necessary cases, with the participation of other wind instruments, rope and with the voice, in many of his performances. In the concert on Sunday the performers will be Francis Martinez (soprano saxo), Francis Smith (alto saxo), Pilar Montejano (tenor sax) Y Miriam Castellanos (baritone sax).

Through this cycle the Theater continues with the diffusion of music "in feminine", much of it unpublished, with the intention of discovering to the public the excellence of the creations of these Spanish composers they seldom had (or have) due recognition for their creations.

Each concert will feature one or more absolute premieres, a good part of them from young composers in collaboration with the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. This time there will be two premieres: 'Blue' by Cruz López de Rego, and 'Pria' by Laura de las Heras.

The two remaining appointments of the cycle will be with the trio Arbós (24 of April) and pianist mario Prisuelos (5 of June).