'Singing is prohibited', Real Flamenco

Real Flamenco

He 10 of April, Wednesday, starting at 20.30 hours, will take place the ninth of the 18 shows that make up the REAL FLAMENCO cycle, Ecuador in this first edition, It continues to consolidate as a unique experience in cultural and artistic Madrid.

The next show, featuring three artists from Jerez de la Frontera -the dancer Leonor Leal, guitarist Alfredo Lagos and palmero Miguel Tellez– and the great singer ovetense Jerome Segura, It is inspired by the emotions they feel flamenco artists still find signs prohibiting singing in many Andalusian taverns.

Dancing for conception, Leonor Leal It was inspired by a visual and aural poem Juan de Loxa, in which the creator of “jondismo” Overlays voice José Menese and the street people pronouncing “It is prohibited singing”, while linking the graphics of different taverns posters warning that “It prohibits singing”, although it sing until dawn.

The meeting of artists in the bars, taverns and cafes in Andalusia, where they often arose spontaneously singing or dancing by the irrepressible expressive vocation of the people of flamenco, He forced many owners to try to protect the 'ruckus', noise and bickering that caused the inebriated customers. But the warning signs 'singing is prohibited' were just an excuse to get rid of the troublemakers, never art that filled the night in Andalusian bars.

The evocation of the atmosphere will fill the Ballroom Theater Royal what, a Wednesday more, It will be transformed into a warm space flamingo.

He public can access the Ballroom of the Royal Theater a from the 20.15 hours, hours when the front door opens Felipe V.

At 20.30 hours one tasting product 'mark Spain' will serve as a prelude to the action that will take place at 21.00 hours. At the end of the same, viewers who wish may enjoy the company of artists and get close so, personalized way, the world of flamenco.

10 of April | Leonor Leal

With the participation of Jerome Segura, Invited artist

It is prohibited singing

Leonor Leal, home

Jerome Segura, sing

Alfredo Lagos, guitar

Miguel Tellez, palmas

24 of April | Isaac Tovar

With the participation of Cancanillo Malaga, Invited artist


Isaac Tovar, home

Cancanillo Malaga, sing

Gaspar Rodríguez, guitar

Pedro Obregón, sing

Raúl Botella, percussion

8 of May | Yolanda Osuna

With the participation of José Valencia, Invited artist


Yolanda Osuna, home

José Valencia, sing

Pedro Sánchez, guitar

Luis de Mateo, sing

Jesús Corbacho, sing

15 of May | Sergio Lope

With the participation of Juan de Juan, Invited artist

Be light

Sergio Lope, flute and saxophone

Juan de Juan, home

Matías López, 'El Mati', sing

David Caro, guitar

juanfe Pérez, electric bass

Javier Rabadán, percussion

22 of May | Eduardo Guerrero


Eduardo Guerrero, home

Anabel Rivera, sing

Manuel Soto, sing

Javier Ibáñez, guitar

29 of May | Gema Moneo

With the participation of Pepe de Pura, Invited artist


Gema Moneo, home

Pepe de Pura, sing

Ismael de la Rosa, sing

yeray Cortés, guitar

5 of June | José Carmona, 'Rapico'

Laa involvement with Alfonso Losa, Invited artist


José Carmona, 'Rapico', home

Alfonso Losa, home

May Fernández, sing

Ismael de la Rosa, The ball, sing

Joni Jiménez, guitar

Antonio Losada, percussion

19 of June | Oscar Manuel

With some Duende

Oscar Manuel, flute

Veronica Pulido, home

Ricardo Bustamante, guitar

José Ramón Martín Díaz, singing and piano

David Gadea, percussion and atmosphere

3 of July | David Palomar

With the participation of Maria Moreno, guest artist

Cadiz is Real

David Palomar, sing

Maria Moreno, home

Rafael Rodriguez, guitar

Roberto Jaén, palmas

17 of July | Antonio Canales


Antonio Canales, home

David El Galli, sing

Manuel Tañé, sing

Ivan Losada, guitar

Lucky Losada, percussion