The Teatro de la Zarzuela in the street 15 of May

Main Square

On the occasion of the festival of San Isidro, and to commemorate the IV Centenary of the Plaza Mayor, gender the Teatro de la Zarzuela leaves his building for the first time from Jovellanos street to share with the citizens some of the masterpieces of our most deeply rooted musical heritage. In co-production with the Culture Area of ​​the Madrid City Council, the next Monday 15 of May the Main Square will host the representation of Zarzuela on the street, a large format show, that will undertake a journey through a careful selection of outstanding and representative pieces of some of the most famous zarzuelas such as Doña Francisquita, The Gran Vía O The Barberillo Lavapies.

The common thread of the music that integrates Zarzuela on the street is a plot written by the author, director and performer Enrique Viana, That in addition to presenting the function. In this proposal will serve as the curtain of the Theater. The one who knows everything: what happens ahead, and what happens behind, and that with humor and irony share your valuable secrets with the public from Madrid.

The show, what will be Free access until full capacity and will start at 22.00 hours (opening of access to 20.30 hours - 2.900 seating), will also have the participation of soloists cross Beitia Y Axier Sánchez, the Titular Choir of the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the ORCAM-Titular Theater Orchestra, under the musical direction of maestro Oliver Diaz. The cast is completed by a dance body (20 dancers) choreographed by Nuria Castejón.

Place: Plaza Mayor of Madrid (stalls with 2.900 seating)

Date: 15 May 2017 to 22:00 h. (Access opening: 20.30 h.)

Musical direction: Oliver Diaz

ORCAM-Titular Orchestra of the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Holder Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela

Script and presentation: Enrique Viana

Soloists: Gurutze Beitia and Axier Sánchez

Dance body. Choreography Nuria Castejón

Like the Plaza Mayor, the Teatro de la Zarzuela has always been a place of encounters and reunions, a place where you can feel the pulse of the city and its inhabitants. A unique venue in the world, that since 1856 It is home and speaker of the main Spanish lyrical genre and where the best works of its repertoire continue to be heard and sung.

The Theater of La Zarzuela, how much it has in common with the essence of the Plaza Mayor, joins the celebration of its IV Centenary by taking to the streets: on the occasion of the San Isidro festival, all Madrilenians and visitors who wish will be able to enjoy a show with singers, dancers, choir and orchestra, written and presented by Enrique Viana and with musical direction by Óliver Díaz.

Artists and performers, the scenography and even the curtain of the Teatro de la Zarzuela will take the Plaza Mayor for one night to merge with its history and pay homage in the form of a unique representation to the patron saint of Madrid.


On the occasion of the celebration of the 400 years of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, and coinciding with the feast of the city's Patron Saint, the curtain of the Teatro de la Zarzuela goes out for a walk through the historic Plaza and - here comes the worst- He tells what only he knows about what is told and sung. No one knows more than the curtain (personified in Enrique Viana, author of the text and presenter of the concert), that has the ins and outs of the Theater behind, and the looks ahead ... Prepare yourself for the confidences of the lyric in this symbolic corner of Madrid that with this concert opens a small door to the spirit of its theater.



Introduction THE BARBERILLE OF LAVAPIES (F.A.Barbieri)

Umbrella Choir THE FRIEND MELCHIADES (Q.Valverde/J.Serrano)

Swimmers choir FREE TEACHING (G. Gimenez)

The organ grinders THE BATTING (F.Chueca)

Choir of the goth kings THE CLOVER (J.Valverde /J.Serrano)

The gavota FREE TEACHING (G. Gimenez)

You love them: Tango de la Menegilda 2La GRAN VIA version (F.Chueca/J.Valverde)

From this peaceful corner (where does duo start) LUISA FERNANDA (F.M.Torroba)

Chorus of romantics DOÑA FRANCISQUITA (A. You live)