The Teatro de la Zarzuela presents season 17/18

Teatro de la Zarzuela

Earlier this season we were saying that something was happening in the Teatro de la Zarzuela Y, in sight of the Season 2017/2018 which was presented this morning, We can only confirm. This is the second scheduled by its director Daniel Bianco, with a firm commitment: reach out to all audiences, thus vindicating his inescapable condition of plural theater. The 161 functions that will make up the new course will therefore be directed, how not, al regular viewer of the theater, but also and to the same extent to those who approach him with curiosity and concern to know and even those people who don't know yet what is cooked between the centuries-old walls of the colosseum.

In that direction orient his words White by stating that The original intention of the new season is “to invite more and more people to join this trip, that they take our hand to walk that path ". A journey that involves, as recognized, a "colossal" job but worthwhile for that “the Spanish lyrical genre in its broadest sense continues to feel like one of the most deeply rooted cultural heritages, thus being a significant sign of each one of us ".

A path that, according to the director, must be traveled together and in a single direction: “To feel, enjoy and live the Spanish lyrical genre whose richness resides, precisely, in its extensive variety "; and states that "We can look to the future with total guarantee and optimism, since we have a clear objective and the tools to achieve it ".

This is the spirit with which this new season of La Zarzuela is presented: increasing the number of functions to a total of 161, representing an increase of 15% compared to the current season and a 41% in relation to the season 2015/2016.

A) Yes, the Season 2017/2018, what will start the next 6 October and will last until 14 of July, presents eight lyrical titles: six new productions the Teatro de la Zarzuela (among which are a co-production with the Lausanne Opera Y a premiere of a contemporary work), a replacement of own production, functions open to all audiences of the Zarza project (zarzuela made by youth for youth) Y a zarzuela in concert version.


The season will start with 18 functions a new production from ‘The singer of Mexico’ by Francis Lopez in co-production with the Lausanne Opera. Signed by Emilio Sagi, with Oliver Diaz in musical direction, scenery Daniel Bianco, wardrobe Renata Schussheim and a cast headed by Rossy de Palma, José Luis Sola, Sonia de Munck, Esteve Manel O Luis Álvarez, it will be playing of the 6 al 29 October. After this start it will be the turn for the Spanish opera with two titles: ‘El gato Montés’ by Manuel Penella Y ‘Maruxa’ by Amadeo Vives. First, replacement of an own production premiered in 2012 and signed by José Carlos Plaza, of which are scheduled 8 functions 23 November to 2 from December; with Ramón Tebar in the pit the cast will be headed by Nicola Beller Carbone, Carmen Solis, Juan Jesus Rodriguez, César San Martín, Thiago Arancam O Alejandro Roy. The choreography is by Cristina Hoyos.

'Maruxa', meanwhile, is a new theater production whose music will be directed by José Miguel Pérez-Sierra. This story that takes place on the confusing border between love and desire will feature a scene and scenography by Paco Azorín; Session Hernández, Susana Cordón, Rodrigo Esteves, Maybe Borja, Ekaterina Metlova, Look at Urbieta or Simón Orfila, will integrate the cast of this long-awaited title whose 14 functions will of 25 January to 11 February.

He 16 and the 18 February the public will have the opportunity to taste ‘La Tempestad’ after more than half a century without being heard in Madrid. Scheduling this fantastic melodrama by Ruperto Chapí, one of the most celebrated works of the composer, It is only possible if you have a cast like the one presented this time by the Teatro de la Zarzuela: Carlos Alvarez, Celso Albelo, Mariola Cantarero, Ketevan Kemoklidze, Carlos Cosías and Alejandro González, all of them led by Guillermo García Calvo. Will be offered in concert version with an adaptation by Alberto Conejero to tell the story in which an unsolved crime strikes the conscience of a murderer mired in remorse.

In the season will also be presented, like happy novelty, he absolute premiere of a contemporary work, in another new colosseum production. ‘Policemen and thieves’ by Tomás Marco, with original booklet by Alvaro del Amo, It will be led by José Ramón Encinar, with Carmen Portaceli as creator of the staging. Manuel throws, José Antonio García, Rocío Pérez, Pablo García López and María Hinojosa will make up the cast in the 5 functions will of 5 al 11 of April.

The zarzuela grande will also be present on the Jovellanos street stage with one of its emblematic titles: ‘La tabernera del puerto’ by Pablo Sorozábal. There are many attractions in this new production of the Theater. As we say, the work itself, its stage director: Mario Gas, the musical: Josep Caballé Domenech, the master of masters of scenography Ezio Frigerio, the wardrobe designed by the Oscar winner Franca Squarciapino, or the dazzling cast with Sabina Puértolas, Marina Monzó, angel Ódena, Javier Franco, Antonio Gandia, Alejandro del Cerro, Rubén Amoretti or David Sánchez. Each of the 12 functions, of the 5 al 20 of May, promises to be a milestone. In parallel form, during the month of May he Zarzuela Theater and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will jointly organize a exhibition dedicated to the scenic work of Frigerio and Squarciapino in the Madrid headquarters of the art gallery. The collaboration between both institutions is carried out by second year in a row.

The season will conclude with the musical comedy by maestro Alonso ‘24 hours lying!’. In free version by Alfredo Sanzol, undoubtedly one of our most valuable playwrights, the stage direction of this new production will be signed by Jesus Castejon. The music will take over Carlos Aragon, that will face a more than adequate cast composed of Own Castejón, Yolanda Ramos, cross Beitia, Thomas Pozzi, José Luis Martínez and Enrique Viana. Of this vaudeville in which no one wants to show who they are for fear of knowing what they do not have will be offered 14 functions 29 June to 14 of July.

With the presentation of all these titles the theater will continue to be the only showcase for our lyrics, fertile and heterogeneous at once.

Concerts: Great room, ‘Notes from the Ambigu’, ciclo Lied

After success obtained this season, the number of concerts is maintained in the main hall. Eight will be the proposals, in which in addition to the lyric, will also have room other ways of feeling and unfolding music: soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta with a tribute to Lorca entitled ‘The voice and the poet’ (9 October), Mexican tenor Javier Camarena in its first concert dedicated solely to zarzuela (19 of November), singer Silvia Pérez Cruz who will give a show under the name of the song his parents wrote more than 30 years: ‘Evening Dress’ (28 of November), he Christmas concert ‘Zarzuela in plural’, that under the baton of Oliver Diaz will bring together artists like Lucero Tena, José Antonio López, Carol Garcia, Svetla Kresteva and Enrique Ferrer, around zarzuelas from all Spanish regions (28 of November), the cantaor Archangel that will offer a new look at the Spanish lyric genre (30 from January); singer Marta Sanchez accompanied only by piano will offer the most intimate version of his voice (17 February); the Latvian mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca, with his highly anticipated debut in Madrid and the special participation of Andeka Gorrotxategi (11 of March) and mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel, that accompanied by the pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre, will present ‘Discovering Padilla’ (6 of April).

The fact that I hung poster of ‘sold out places’ in all concerts of the cycle ‘Notes from the Ambigu’ of this season, it originated naturally not only its consolidation, but also the increase concerts that compose: this time the protagonists are the soprano Carmen Romeu with ‘A French afternoon’ (30 October), mezzosoprano Marta Infante with 'Tonadas and baroque zarzuelas' (12 from December), he trio Arbós with 'Chamber Music' (22 from January), baritone Javier Franco with 'Song Galicia' (13 February), soprano Ruth Iniesta with ‘To Joaquín Rodrigo’ (13 of March), the formation music with "Music Sephardi ' (16 of April), the Guatemalan soprano Adriana González, winner of the recent Viñas Contest, with 'Song Mexican camera' (21 of May) and Charo Reina with 'A song and a glass' (4 of June).

On the other hand, the Lied cycle also grows. In coproduction with the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), will fulfill his XXIV edition with 11 recitals, one of them extraordinary offered by the baritone Leo Nucci. the mezzosoprano Ann Hallenberg (10 October), her too mezzo Anna Caterina Antonacci (24 October), the tenor Piotr Beczala (8 from January), baritone Matthias Goerne (26 February, 30 April 8 of May), soprano Diana Damrau (5 of March), soprano Ana Lucia Richter (9 of April), countertenor Xavier Sabata (25 of June) and soprano Hanna-Elisabeth Müller (2 of July) will complete the proposal for the new season.

educational projects. Zarza project. Master classes

The Teatro de la Zarzuela continues to give a very special importance to offer training and information to this young audience to which it shall fill the room of this theater in the future and which in turn will train the generation that will take over. "We have the obligation to seduce them and make the zarzuela affordable in this century that touches us ", asserts Daniel Bianco, who puts into practice its intention as evidenced by the fact that he 22% Theater programming is dedicated to educational projects.

He Zarza project, that promotes zarzuela made by youth for youth and how important success has been achieved in 2016/2017 registering 9.000 spectators between 'La revoltosa' by Chapí and the show 'Zarzuela en dance', back strongly in the new season ‘The duo of“ La africana ”’ by Manuel Fernández Caballero in free version of Susana Gómez. With stage direction by Susana Gómez herself and musical by Miguel Huertas, this new theater production will be represented, just as it happened with ‘La revoltosa’, for group of young singers and actors chosen after an audition process and accompanied by a chamber group. The 12 functions, three of them open to the general public, They will be offered of the 28 February to 7 March 2018.

At this point it is important to add that 'The revoltosa', in free version by Guillem Clua and stage direction by José Luis Arellano, how many accolades you have received this year, will go on tour in different Spanish cities.

The didactic projects will also stand out in the next season. Thanks to them, the Ambigú del Teatro will also be discovered as a show space. In that place the puppet theater with live music ‘Lost in Bosco’, new production of the Teatro de la Zarzuela in co-production with Claroscvro for children from the 6 years. They will 12 functions 5 al 10 February.

To be continue, Likewise, the collaboration between the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the Carlos III University. On this occasion they will present the new production ‘Master Chez’, during 5 functions and 16 al 21 of April, will challenge schoolchildren to see who can prepare a succulent snack or a healthy breakfast faster at the pace of Chueca, Fernández Caballero, Giménez, Luna or Moreno Torroba. The stage direction will be Enrique Viana and the musical of Carlos Chamorro. cross Beitia will act as presenter, and the cast will consist of Irene Palazón, Yauci Yanes and David Oller.

Also framed in educational projects, soprano Isabel Rey, A regular contributor to the Salzburg Festival and a regular claim on the most important opera houses for years, will offer master classes to young singers of the 9 al 16 October. This last session will be performed open to the public in the main hall of the Theater.


In the next season dance will also be one of the great protagonists. It could not be otherwise, since in the Teatro de la Zarzuela the two public companies will call: the National Ballet of Spain (BNE) by Antonio Najarro and the National Dance Company (CND) by José Carlos Martínez.

He BNE will present of the 9 al 23 from December 11 performances of the show ‘Electra’, first proposal for a complete plot work under the direction of Najarro. It is a creation of the choreographer Antonio Ruz in which this gives life, delving into different dance languages, to classical tragedy with a contemporary vision. Music is from Pablo Martín Caminero, Diego Losada and Moisés Sánchez and the musical direction of Manuel Coves. The BNE will also offer the 19 December a Gala tribute to Mariemma, one of the great figures of dance of the 20th century, and he will do it with him Royal Mariemma Professional Dance Conservatory and with him María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory.

The CND, meanwhile, will return to the stage of La Zarzuela of the 29 May to 10 June with 12 functions of “Kylián-Galili-Duato”, a program designed for the occasion by Martínez that invites the viewer to a journey through the history of the Company. The program includes ‘I die for you’, one of the choreographies of Nacho Duato most represented and applauded during his stage at the CND and that he originally created for this. Duato thus returns to the repertoire of the National Company after 7 year absence. Similarly, the public will be able to enjoy the talent of Itzik Galili and the Czech master Jiri Kylián of whom the CND has staged more than ten ballets throughout its history.

Musical Chamber Theater

Another cycles continue and remain full health is to Musical Chamber Theater in collaboration with the Juan March Foundation. Of the 9 al 16 of April will be presented 'The elements' by Antonio Literes in a New coproduction between the two institutions. The musical direction will Aarón Zapico in front of the group Antiqva form that shares with his brothers Daniel and Pablo. The stage direction will be Tomás Muñoz and costumes Gabriela Salaverri. The cast will consist of Eugenia Boix, Aurora Peña, Ana Cristina Marco, Olalla Alemán or Soledad Cardoso. As usual the representations will be at the Juan March Foundation.

Creation Contest

Bearing in mind that the secret that an art lasts in time does not consist only in preserving what has already been conceived, but also promote that creation continues on the right path, the Teatro de la Zarzuela will launch a Lyrical Work Creation Project Contest whose bases will be published next 30 of June.

Plural theater, reasonable prices

That stands out, by last, he important effort that the INAEM and the Theater carry out to maintain the same popular prices on tickets -of 4 a 50 €–, also preserving the discount from 20% for subscribers, Y expanding the discount for youth under 35 years of 35 al 50%, thus equating it to the discount for older than 65 years. Similarly, those under 35 years will be able to benefit from additional discounts of the 40% in the compost of Zarzuela and 30% in the tickets for Zarzuela and Dance and Concerts.

It is significant to highlight the new discount aimed at unemployed people, who can purchase their tickets with a 50% deduction, and what will be applied for the first time at the Teatro de la Zarzuela from next season. This novelty adds to the already usual discounts for large families (50%), last minute (60% from two hours before the start of each performance) Y groups (30%).

"We do all this", says Daniel Bianco, "Led by the same spirit that moves us forward every day: We want this Teatro de la Zarzuela to be a plural theater”; a need, assures, that reality itself demands. “The present demands a substantial and urgent change. We have opened the doors and windows with the intention that a new air circulates from the stalls to the stage and vice versa”.