Les Arts closes its dance season with the premiere of 'Titanas'


The cycle 'Les Arts és Dansa' bets on new creation with the absolute premiere of 'Titanas' this next 18 of May, Theater in Martín i Soler, with which the programming section dedicated to this artistic discipline is closed.

The artistic director of the Arts, Jesus Iglesias Noriega, presented this show today at a press conference, accompanied by their directors, choreographers, performers and also producers: Sol Picó, Charlotta Öfverholm and Natsuki together with the composer and musical director Judit Farrés.

'Titanas' is a meeting between three dancers, Sol Picó, Natsuki and Charlotta Öfverholm, dressed by the music of Judit Farrés and the voices of a choir of twelve women of the Choir of the Generalitat Valenciana, with which Les Arts closes its programming line dedicated to dance. In total, five representations of the 18 al 22 of May in Valencia, in addition to a performance at the Teatre Principal de Castelló on the day 29 this month.

Iglesias Noriega has defended the commitment to dance as an essential chapter in the programming of Les Arts, which will continue in the next seasons.

After the incursions of Rosángeles Valls with Ananda Dansa, and Marcos Morau with La Veronal, the artistic director has highlighted the importance of presenting a diverse offer to the public, as well as the launch of new productions with which to boost activity and bring the cultural center closer to the reference creators of the Valencian Community.

As explained by Sol Picó, 'Titanas' is the meeting of three artists who converge at the same point of the road: three vertices of a triangle that creates a space of absolute freedom where everything is possible. At, the purest energies and forces emerge, wildest and most genuine, identities fade, the skins are exchanged and a dialogue begins between that multiplicity of entities that fight within us to stand out.

We are three women, with a very similar professional and life trajectory, who arrive wanting to contaminate themselves, get rich, play and, as well, cry together to shout to the world that there is a moment in the life of a woman - that has passed the 50 and it's on a stage-, where you can feel the full freedom and can play, have fun and do whatever you want from that point on.".

From the scenic point of view, Milosh Luczynski's video creations generate an audiovisual space in which that ideal universe is located, utopian and fantastic, no rules to follow or archetypes to fit, that proposes 'Titans'.

'Titanas' is a co-production of Les Arts with Sol Picó Dance Company, Natsuki & The Universal Illustrated Company/France and Charlotta Öfverholm, with the help of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and in collaboration with the MIAM, Intangible Museum of Movement Arts in La Bisbal d’Empordà.


Les Arts recalls that the seats for the performances of 'Titanas' at the Teatre Martín i Soler have a single price of 25 euros. For more information, those interested can consult the page web of the theater.

Photograph: Miguel Lorenzo