The Ensemble Diderot proposes “Travel Concertos” on its new album

Travel Concertos

The prestigious French ensemble founded by the violinist Johannes Pramsohler launches a new and original record project on the market in Audax Records: “Travel Concertos”, with works by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Johann Jakob Kress (1685-1728), Johann Georg Pisendel (1688-1755), Johann David Heinrich (1683-1729), Johann Georg Pisendel (1688-1755) y Paul Karl Durant (c1712-1769).

Johannes Pramsohler, one of the most relevant baroque violinists of today, who also acts as musical director of the Ensemble Diderot in the recording, proposes us to listen to the first version of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Bach, in the cosmopolitan context of the virtuous travelers of the time; As he himself indicates in the notes of the booklet: “Although the gender of travel concerto does not exist as such, we can appreciate certain characteristics in the baroque solo concerto indicating that it was specially conceived for travel, so that the soloist could shine in other places and make it easier for local accompanists. In fact, he Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Bach's is a travel concerto in many aspects and in the original version that we present on this album, could perfectly have served as a display piece for the harpsichordist (Bach himself) at his debut concert during his visit to Dresden in 1717. further, in some movements certain indirect quotes from Violin Concertos Vivaldi, they had a great tradition in Dresden, and we can imagine that the relatively easy parts for flute and violin would be played by Buffardin and Pisendel, soloists from dresden, surely at first sight and without any difficulty in a concert with hardly any rehearsals”.

“Travel Concertos”, the new album by the Ensemble Diderot that will be released next 21 October, includes several world premieres, as usual in the record works of the Audax Records label, which since its founding in 2013 has carried out an authentic revaluation of lesser-known works and authors, with the aim of enriching the repertoire and contributing to its dissemination.

The multi-award winning Ensemble Diderot (Diapason d’or, ICMA, Gramophone Editor’s Choice, etc), named after the French philosopher Denis Diderot, has become one of the most outstanding European ensembles in recent years in the interpretation of baroque chamber music with period instruments.