Your contribution makes the Liceu great, Make it possible!

Liceu Barcelona

The Liceu de Barcelona had to announce last week the definitive cancellation of the season 19/20. A season full of illusion, that of the 20th anniversary of the reopening of the Theater, that we will inevitably remember as that of COVID-19: a complex period that has changed the way we approach life and that, among many other pleasures, has deprived us of enjoymentr of music and culture live.

But despite everything, we want to continue where we left off. Looking forward with hope, and building the Liceu of the future with artistic ambition and social decision. For this reason, again we request your collaboration.

Getting the Liceu we want requires your generosity and complicity. Today, Your support and commitment to the Liceu are essential so that we can continue enjoying the opera, music and culture as fundamental elements in our lives. Make it possible!

The Liceu has implemented, through its website, a donation service from € 50. Enter their website and make it possible!