Tutto Verdi opens the season of ABAO with five greats of the lyrical

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ABAO Bilbao Opera presents, sponsored by the BBVA Foundation, a brilliant and spectacular concert to complete next Saturday 24 of September, he proyecto All Greens that the association develops from 2006. The concert, which opens the 71st Opera Season in Bilbao, will have a single representation at the Euskalduna Bilbao at 19:00h.

During 16 years the project has represented 30 titles with 127 functions, Ten Verdi Weeks have been held with the participation of more than 50 speakers from different disciplines, exhibitions have been organized and seven books have been published and four DVDs and CDs have been edited. All this makes up a unique cultural program in the world, that this season ends with different cultural and artistic activities of the highest interest and quality.


A program full of passion, feeling and strength, with a tour through some of the most emblematic works by maestro de Busseto. Interpret some of the best known scenes of the favorite Italian composer of Bilbao fans: Macbeth, The Troubadour, Don Carlo, A masked ball, Nabucco, Aida and for the first time in ABAO, the cantata "Hymn of the Nations".

The program begins with the expressive ballet of Macbeth, played by the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. Work of the final period of the well-known "galleys" of the composer, Macbeth marked Verdi's first foray into the dramaturgy of Shakespeare whom he deeply admired. Verdi did not follow the guidelines of the Italian opera of the moment but innovated to create a true musical drama, which makes it a unique and essential piece.
Then the Bilbao Opera Choir performs the well-known "Gypsy Choir" of The Troubadour. One of the most celebrated and popular choral scenes of Verdi's production, full of sound and emotion, also called “Anvil Choir”.

the mezzosoprano Daniela Barcellona, whose vocal and interpretative versatility have marked a career full of successes, perform solo “O don fatale”, the main aria of the Princess of Eboli Don Carlo. An extraordinary piece of authentic bravery for a breed interpreter.

Giovanni Meoni, an elegant baritone with great lyrical qualities and impeccable volume, continue with A masked ball and Renato's aria, "It was you who stained that soul". One of the little gems that the composer dedicated to the baritone string, that moves by its magical beauty.

One of his most emblematic operas could not be missing from a Verdi concert of these characteristics: the masterful Aida, sophisticated example of Italian romanticism with touches of mystery and exoticism. This epic love story, loyalty and betrayal, narrates a love triangle between the captive Ethiopian princess Aida, Egyptian princess Amneris and Radames, the soldier they both love.

Eight scenes from act III and IV are included in the program. This part begins with the outstanding soprano Angela Meade, who dazzles with his dramatic abilities and his highly demanding vocal agility, with “Qui Radames will see … O patria mia”, and continue with Giovanni Meoni with “Ciel! My father … You will see the embalmed forests ", a vocal duel between Aida and Amonasro of great dramatic force. “While I see you again, my sweet Aida ... Let's flee the inhospitable ardors ", pit the soprano against the tenor Sergio Escobar, a performer with a brilliant voice, clear and forceful, who embodies Radames in a piece full of passion, dramatic sense and sensitivity. The end of Act III reunites Angela Meade (Aida), Sergio Escobar (Radames), Giovanni Meoni (Amonasro) and Daniela Barcelona (Amneris) in the vigorous quartet, “The traitor!… Priest! I stay with you!”.

Act IV of Aida begins with Daniela Barcellona Y "The abhorred rival escapes me", where Amneris tries to save Radames, followed by the captivating duet with Sergio Escobar, “The priests are already gathering… Who saves you, wretched ", where Amneris asks him to deny the accusations of treason, but Radames, who does not want to live without Aida, he refuses, relieved to know that she is still alive.

The famous "Judgment scene" where Radamés is sentenced, brings together in a captivating expressive atmosphere Daniela Barcellona, the bass David Lagares, character performer, and the male voices of the Bilbao Opera Choir. Amneris stands out with its chilling “Ahime… I feel like dying", where his tragic destiny is predicted and he discovers the strong feelings of the character.

They return to the stage Angela Meade Y Sergio Escobar with another pearl full of feeling, “The fatal stone closed over me ... I will die! Yes pure and beautiful!… the earth, goodbye" where the protagonists accept their fatal destiny with the intimacy of a love duo.

The last part of Aida brings together on stage Angela Meade, Daniela Barcellona, Sergio Escobar and the Bilbao Opera Choir, in an apotheosis “Finale ultimo”.

patriotism, constancy, valor, all these verdian elements are present in Nabucco, Verdi's great lyrical tragedy. The famous “slave choir” “Va, thought, on golden wings " was taken over by the Milanese, under Austrian rule, like a whole national song, turning Verdi into a symbol of the unity of Italy. It is an essential piece of great emotion, of the best known in the world, and its importance in history and culture is fundamental. Interpret the Bilbao Opera Choir.

The concert ends with the premiere at ABAO Bilbao Opera of the spectacular and emotional "Hymn of the Nations" (Anthem of the Nations), a bold one-movement cantata that incorporates "The Song of the Italians", “La Marsellaise” y “God Save the Queen”, and which was composed for the World's Fair in London in 1862. The first two are currently the official national anthems of France and Italy., but they were not at the time of the composition and performance of Verdi's hymn. a visionary work, looking to the future and reflecting the international dimension of Verdi's work. A piece with deep sonority for tenor performed by Sergio Escobar.


The artistic director of the Teatro Verdi in Salerno, Daniel Oren, returns this season after triumphing in Bilbao with Cavalleria rusticana, Pagliacci and Alzira, with the challenge of directing a spectacular concert, full of intensity and drama, with emotional and sensitive pieces and others full of strength and intensity.

Under his baton as a Verdian expert they will be close to 70 teachers of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, a formation that collaborates with ABAO since its foundation in 1953, and who has participated in 95 titles during the different seasons.

The brilliant choral scenes are performed by some 70 choristers of the Bilbao Opera Choir under the direction of Boris Dujin.


Tickets for the concert can be purchased at affordable rates for all audiences: from €15 ABAO members to 35 years, and from €30 the rest of the members; and from €20 the sale price to the young public up to 35 years and €40 for adults.
They can be purchased at ABAO offices, through www.abao.org and on the phone: 944 355 100


The BBVA Foundation, whose distinguishing feature is the impulse to both scientific knowledge and cultural, Music articulates its program as a complete tour of the various ways in which society can benefit and enjoy this art. A) Yes, It promotes the creation of new work with composition commissions and enables preservation and dissemination through recordings in collaboration with seals and interpreters frontline.

Promotes live music through concert cycles, for free, put within reach of ensembles and soloists public reference in the contemporary repertoire. Organizes lectures and issues publications to better understand the work of certain authors or immerse themselves in the study of certain compositional periods and implements research projects and highly innovative creation with Leonardo Grants in Music and Opera.

Organizes specialized symposiums on management of orchestras, collaborates with musicals and theaters around the country and recognizes excellence through the Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Music and Opera and Composition Prize formations AEOS-BBVA Foundation, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras. The sustained effort of the Foundation in this field has been recognized with the Ópera XXI Award for the Best Patronage Initiative.

this concert is exclusively sponsored by the BBVA Foundation, ABAO sponsor of Bilbao Opera, It is contributing in this way to promote the operatic culture and lead to the public performances of the highest quality.

Daniela Barcellona © FabioParenzan