A French late in the Ambigú the Teatro de la Zarzuela

A French evening

the soprano Carmen Romeu and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre, will offer songs Satie, Poulenc and French popular music, in which no shortage of tributes to Edith Piaf

Wednesday, 25 October 2017.- The fact that I hung poster 'sold out' at every concert of the 'Notes Ambigú' last season, It has naturally caused not only their consolidation, but also the increase concerts that compose. This time, he Teatro de la Zarzuela will offer eight recitals they will travel to the public for French music, Mexican, sefardí or Galicia, by baroque tunes and operettas, chamber music or, how not, the couplet.

Managers icebreaker be soprano Carmen Romeu and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre, that next Monday, 30 October, They will offer a recital under the heading 'A French evening'. They are so immersed in the enveloping melodies Erik Satie, they transit the haunting and beautiful musical landscapes Francis Poulenc, and from there, from that piano solo piece which is Improvisation 15. Tribute to Édith Piaf ', the small Parisian singer naive voice presence and inimitable, put wings at night in the voice of Romeu with some of the songs that have made her immortal. And there will be moments Hubert Giraud, Georges Van Parys, Léo Ferré, Norbert Glanzberg, Kurt Weill

He Teatro de la Zarzuela It will thus become a space different concerts thanks to his new Ambigú; increasingly full of life. The elegant coffee will again be exclusive and privileged music room, where what matters is the proximity between artists and the public; the inspiring privacy which it can hardly be achieved in a large concert hall.

The meeting with Carmen Romeu and Rubén Fernández Aguirre will mezzo-soprano recitals Marta Infante with 'Tonadas and baroque zarzuelas' (12 from December), of the trio Arbós with 'Chamber Music' (22 from January), baritone Javier Franco with 'Song Galicia' (13 February), soprano Ruth Iniesta with an offering 'Joaquín Rodrigo' (13 of March), Of the information music with "Music Sephardi ' (16 of April), Guatemalan soprano Adriana González, second prize in the last contest Viñas, with 'Song Mexican camera' (21 of May) Y Charo Reina with 'A song and a glass' (4 of June).