Ute Lemper at the Teatro Real: 'Last Tango in Berlin’

Ute Lemper

Ten years separate the last performance Ute Lemper at the Theatre Royal, with a program entitled Angels over Berlin, in January 2007, and the concert will offer next Sunday, 29 October, to 20 hours, Last Tango in Berlin, in the interwar German capital will again be the starting point of a journey that will cover corners, wharves and gambling dens Paris, New York or Buenos Aires ...

With 30 years of a brilliant career marked by roaming and metamorphosis, Ute Lemper transits styles, Languages, environments and very different latitudes with a chameleonic ability, using the ductility of his voice and his enormous talent acting in the service of the word, expression of feelings and so rich and various ideas that their concerts are always a deep and hypnotic journey through the nooks and crannies of the soul.

In its elTeatro recital Real Ute Lemper will start in the wake of Marlene Dietrich with songs Frederick Hollaender (Illusions, Falling in Love Y Lola) or famous Lili Marleen from Norbert Schultze Y Hans Leip; will continue with Millord, from Georges Moustaki, which immortalized Edith Piaf. Interpret the Tango Ballade from Kurt Weill Y Bertolt Brecht before joining the Buenos Aires Astor Piazzolla with I am Maria. He will sing to Jacques Brel more universal (I do not know, Amsterdam Y Do not leave me), a Leo Ferré (With time), a Serge Gainsbourg (These little things), Jewish songs and own songs inspired by poems by Pablo Neruda.

The essential:

Works by Frederick Hollaender, Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill and others.

Ute Lemper, singer
Vana Greedy, piano
Victor Villena, bandonéon
Romain Lecuyer, double bass
Cyril Garac, fiddle

Frederick Hollaender
Falling in Love

Georges Moustaki

Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht
Tango Ballade

Astor Piazzolla
I am Maria

Jacques Brel
I do not know
Do not leave me

Yiddishe Lied