'VI Febrero Lírico' Real Coliseum Carlos III

The Royal Coliseum of Carlos III celebrates the sixth edition of Febrero Lírico, with six concerts under the title of Six essences, six lovers, in which the voice takes center stage, accompanied by very few instruments. A festival for those who love singing, the voice in its pure state and practically without artifice.
The participating artists are part of a generation of Spanish singers and musicians who have been trained in the best national and international schools and conservatories., who develop an artistic career without borders.
Ticket price is 10-15 € and the scheduled concerts are:

Saturday 4 February, 20:00 h.
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
Carlos Mena, countertenor
Enrike Solinis, theorbo and baroque guitar.
The prestigious countertenor Carlos Mena inaugurates the VI edition of Febrero Lírico with an essential concert in which the voice will only be accompanied by a string instrument, the theorbo, and a baroque guitar.
Works H. Purcell, D. Mazzocchi, C. Monteverdi,…

Saturday 11 February, 20:00 h.
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
Marta Infante, mezzo soprano.
Daniel Oyarzabal, key.
Marta Infante presents the program Perfidissimo cor. the mezzosoprano, who regularly collaborates with the most important early music groups in our country and has performed in numerous European countries as well as in the main cities of South America, Middle East and Japan, performs this time with Daniel Oyarzábal, splendid harpsichord and organ player with a magnificent internationally awarded career, a program in which passion serves as a link between the most important composers of the Baroque .
Works by G.F. Händel, J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti and A. Vivaldi.

Sunday 12 February, 19:00 h.
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
Jordi Domènech, countertenor.
Dani Espasa, harpsichord.
Oriol Aymat, cello.
The renowned countertenor Jordi Domènech, accompanied by Daniel Espasa on harpsichord and Oriol Aymat on cello, feature England versus Italy, an exquisite compilation of some of the most beautiful baroque cantatas and arias by authors such as H. Purcell, G.F. Handel y D. Scarlatti. A luxury trio that exudes beauty and technical solvency in their performances.
Works H. Purcell, G.F. Handel y D. Scarlatti.

Saturday 18 February, 20:00 h.
the Galania. (70 minutes, without a rest).
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
Raquel Andueza, soprano.
Jesus Fernandez-Baena, tiorba.
Pierre Pitzl, baroque guitar.
The soprano Raquel Andueza presents, with his group La Galanía, the program of his latest album I am madness, a delicate selection of Spanish and European pieces from the 17th century that share Castilian as their language.
The trajectory of this soprano has crossed our borders and she collaborates and sings in the most important auditoriums and theaters in the world together with splendid international baroque ensembles..
Works H. Bailly, J. marine, B. Sanseverino, G. Sanz, J. Hidalgo,…

Saturday 25 February, 20:00 h.
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
Jose Hernandez-Pastor, countertenor.
Jesus Fernandez-Baena, archilaúd.
Laura Salinas, viola da gamba.
Alberto Martinez, harpsichord.
Countertenor José Hernández-Pastor invites us on a journey through Italian Baroque, from its Renaissance antecedents to Händel, hand in hand with the figure of the castrato. Figure of great historical interest that evokes the terrible paradox of being adored by all and suffering the loneliness of the misunderstood. A contrast that leads him to be able to sing the most vertiginous arias and the deepest lament on the same night.
To transport us to that time, the Valencian countertenor has in this program true experts in baroque accompaniment.
Works of C. Monteverdi, P.F. Cavalli, G.F. Händel,…

Sunday 26 February, 19:00 h.
VI FEBRUARY LYRIC – Six essences, six lovers
sweet disdain
Marivi Blasco, soprano.
Manuel Vilas, barley.
Ramiro Morales, Plucked.
The sweet disdain tone of Juan Arañes, which gives its name to the program and whose text is a sonnet by Lope de Vega, opens a concert in which the soprano Mariví Blasco will delight us with some of the most famous human and divine tones. A chamber vocal genre characterized as a type of song performed with instrumental accompaniment belonging to the 17th century, the baroque century par excellence.
Works of J. scratched, F. Guerrero, E. Daza, C. Borja,…