Villanueva de Jiloca will host the smallest classical music festival in the world


A little more than 90 kilometers from Zaragoza, in the Campo de Daroca region, it's found Villanueva de Jiloca, that barely has 60 neighbours. A discreet census that, but nevertheless, has helped the town to become the scene of the ‘smallest classical music festival in the world’, what will take place next 31 July and has already posted the 'sold out' sign. For health reasons, the performance scheduled for Friday 30 July has been canceled.

The programing, totally free, will start on Saturday at 20:30 h. The first part will star Mª Pilar Monteagudo, what will Arabesca interpret, of C. Debussy and Consolación Nº3 F. Liszt; soprano Elvira Sala; and the pianist Marc Marqués. Elvira Sala and Marc Marqués will perform again in the second part, that will delight the audience with the melodies of A Lómbra del Lledoner, Farewell song, Grumet song, Song of the Galera, 1er Grave Movement Doppio Movimento and 2nd Movement Scherzo of the sonata number two of F. Chopin.

The project, that seeks to revitalize this small municipality, has the collaboration of the El Bosque Sonoro festival, very committed to the structuring of the territory through culture. To Basilia Torres, Mayor of Villanueva de Jiloca, is a unique opportunity to put the town on the map. “We do everything in our power to revitalize and attract people from outside the town and that, at the same time, the neighbors always be at ease. The ‘smallest classical music festival in the world’ is a beautiful project devised by all of us that will be a success. I do not have doubt, because when things are done with such enthusiasm and so much enthusiasm it cannot be otherwise ", Explain.

In the same sense, Marga Roda manifests, pianist and neighbor of the town for four years, when she and her partner, Javier Barranco placeholder image, they decided to pack their bags to start a life in the country. “It is one of the smallest towns in Spain and you have to bring music to them. We want the town to move forward, because we are very few neighbors ", he comments. They contribute their bit by teaching undergraduate students in Villanueva de Jiloca, postgraduate and end of career.

A privileged setting
Wheel, born in Valencia, and Barranco, Aragonese, founded in the year 1980 the first piano school in Valencia. They are two important figures within the festival, since they are the ones who have given the space in which the concerts will take place: the gardens of a palace house of the S. XIX. Specifically, the new Palace House of the Abbot of Bernabé, now known as Casa de los Pianistas. In her, It is said that, Cardinal Cascajares came to be. The performances will take place on the outside plot, in the shade of a linden tree of more than 200 years of seniority under which attendees will be placed, until 200 at most, according to the allowed capacity.

Marga and Javier acquired the house ago 24 years and, little by little, they were restoring it respecting to the maximum its original appearance. "He wore 45 years without inhabiting. This was a cornfield, the brambles reached up to the first floor ", they point out. Now, the intention of the couple is for the property to be classified as a property of interest in Villanueva de Jiloca.

The ‘smallest classical music festival in the world’ is not the only initiative that is launched to stop the depopulation of the town and win the odd inhabitant.. "We try to raise the census by attracting new families, especially, those who have children, rehabilitating houses and posting announcements for them to come ", the mayor points out. Thanks to all that effort, They have managed to get two Catalan families with whom they claim to be "delighted" to settle in the town. “We are going to put all the meat on the grill to get out of that emptied Spain, although we cannot do it alone ", Add. Thus, next weekend, the music will sound from this small redoubt to vindicate the rights of the
peoples to enjoy culture in all its aspects.