"Long live Madrid. An anthology of zarzuela "

The Zarzuela

The Theaters Canal of the Community of Madrid present Long live Madrid. An anthology of zarzuela, a lyrical montage with the musical direction of Miguel Roa and Manuel Coves and direction of scene Jaime Martorell. The zarzuelas set in Madrid will be performed by the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (Orcam). This large-format montage can be enjoyed at the Red room of the 14 al 30 of March.The music of Breton, Moreno Torroba, Chapí, Chueca O Vives guides us on a walk through Goyesco Madrid, the castizo, the romantic, the one from the thirties… A unique show in which fragments of the most popular zarzuelas of the Madrid tradition are performed: The Festival of the Dove, la chulapona, The Gran Vía, Luisa Fernanda, The last Romantic, Don Manolito, the calesera, The barberillo Lavapies, The drum grenadier, carnations, Last year for water, Maria Manuela, The one with the bunch of roses, Doña Mariquita of my heart and Doña Francisquita. A bold staging, with live music from the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid. Under the musical direction of Miguel Roa and Manuel Coves and the stage direction of Jaime Martorell, this show covers several centuries of the history of Madrid through its music, of strings, couplets, chotis, street parade, tangos and romances of 16 of the most famous zarzuelas. The Viva Madrid number of the zarzuela Don Manolito, Pablo Sorozábal from San Sebastian, from the title to this show.

The benefits of the first function will go to finance More than culture, the social projects that the Teatros del Canal carries out with the Youth Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (JORC) and the Saludarte Foundation. These are dance workshops, choir and percussion, where the protagonists are not the 'artists' usually known by the public, but people with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy or at risk of social exclusion, for whom 'art' becomes 'life, happiness and self-esteem”. The role of 27 March will be a tribute to the master Miguel Roa, in the year 2014 celebrate your 70 birthdays and 50 years after his debut as a conductor. Artistic sheetMusical direction: Miguel Roa / Manuel CovesStage direction: Jaime Martorell Cast: Marisa Martins, Amparo Navarro, Cristina Faus, Anna Tobella, Carlos Cosías, José Luis Sola, angel Ódena, César San Martín and Juan Carlos Barona Scenography: Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda Wardrobe: Pedro Moreno and Alejandro Andújar Lighting: Juan Gómez Cornejo Choreography: Nuria CastejónOrchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid