Les Arts closes its opera season with the premiere of ‘Wozzeck’


He Palau de les Arts closes its operatic program with the premiere in the city of Valencia of ‘Wozzeck’, from Alban Berg, next Thursday, 26 of May.

Jesus Iglesias Noriega, artistic director of Les Arts, presented this title to the media today with the presence of its musical director, James Gaffigan, and the stage manager, Andreas Kriegenburg.

Iglesias Noriega has defended the first performance of 'Wozzeck' in the Turia capital as an authentic "cultural event" that equates this city to the great musical capitals of the world:

'Wozzeck' is a must-program masterpiece for an opera house with a dynamic vocation and that also seeks international projection. figure among the 70 most performed operas of the 21st century and their irruption in the history of lyric poetry conditions and influences the development of musical theater in the past and present century”.

Thus, has continued, “a center like Les Arts, that aspires to diversify and expand audiences, In addition to acting as a cultural engine, requires a line of work to prepare both the stable bodies and the technical team, as the viewer himself to receive and enjoy new proposals. That is why it is so important to restore and work on the unpublished repertoire”.

‘Wozzeck’, as Iglesias Noriega recalled, It is a musical and scenic challenge. Demands an orchestra in the pit of more than 90 musicians, musicians on stage, besides being a highly complex score for singers and instrumentalists. scenically, Les Arts presents the production that, since its premiere in Munich, is considered the reference montage for this opera, along with a challenging stage engineering exercise.

James Gaffigan premieres in Valencia in Berg's score, which is also his first opera at Les Arts. Connoisseur of the work of the Viennese composer, the New York director appeals to the deep human dimension of this opera to encourage the public to discover Alban Berg and the perfect symbiosis between text and musician to enjoy a unique artistic experience.

Likewise, the musical director of Les Arts highlights the powerful exhibition of the Orchestra of the Valencian Community, that will captivate music lovers who wish to discover new forms of musical expression.

Andreas Kriegenburg signs the staging of 'Wozzeck', with scenery by Harald B. Thor, vestuario de Andrea Schraad, lighting by Stefan Bolliger and choreography by Zenta Haerter. Wozzeck is a co-production of the Bayerische Staatsoper and the New National Theater in Tokyo..

The prestigious German stage director is committed to delving into the psychology of Wozzeck's frightened and tormented soul, using it to describe the violence of poverty and the extent to which poverty can cripple a person's soul.

“We show the world as it is in the eyes of Wozzeck. a grotesque world, violent, malicious, monstrous and distorted, as he perceives it in his fears. in his eyes, only Marie and her son are real people whom he loves and from whom he hopes to be loved again. Every other character he meets in the opera seems to have sprung from a dark horror story.", explica Kriegenburg.

Les Arts brings together a cast of prestigious voices from the German repertoire and renowned performers of Wozzeck, that together with the Choir of the Generalitat and the Escolania de la Mare de Déu dels Desemparats, address the premiere of the work in the capital of the Turia.

Peter Mattei plays Wozzeck in his first foray into Les Arts. The sought-after Swedish baritone, since his acclaimed debut of the role at New York's Metropolitan, stands as the interpreter of reference both in the vocal plane and in the stage of the tormented soldier.

After his recent success at the Paris Opera with this opera, Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek plays Marie. It is about, Besides, of the reunion of the Valencian public with one of the great Wagnerian divas of the current scene 13 years after the applauded Sieglinde in 'Die Walküre'.

El Británico Christopher Ventris, one of the heroic tenors of reference, and that fans in Valencia will remember for his Parsifal with Lorin Maazel, sings the role of Drum Major. German bass-baritone Franz Hawlata (Doctor) and the German tenor Andreas Konrad (Captain) make up the main cast.

Tansel Akzeybek (Andrés), Patrick Guetti (first apprentice), Yuriy Hadzetskyy (second apprentice), Joel Williams (A crazy), Alexandra Ionis (Mararet) and Jorge Franco (A soldier) complete the cast.

Les Arts has scheduled 'Wozzeck' on the days 26, 29 Y 31 of May, Y 3 Y 5 of June.

Preview with DJ

Likewise, Jesús Iglesias Noriega recalled that on the occasion of the premiere of 'Wozzeck' in Valencia, Les Arts proposes a different experience for the next ‘Preview to 28’ 23 of May, in which the public, In addition to representation, you can enjoy a complete evening with DJ and restaurant service until 23.00 h.

After the function of 'Wozzeck', Les Arts will turn the Catwalk into a real dance floor inspired by the aesthetics of the impressive and avant-garde production of this opera, which has been one of the greatest technical and artistic challenges in the history of theater.

Tickets for ‘Preview Up to 28’, reserved exclusively for minors 29 years, have a single price of 10 euros.