YELLOW LOUNGE, Bach decontextualizing

Francesco Tristano, Luxembourgers from 29 years and resident in Barcelona, has presented his latest work “Long Walk”, inspired by Bach's work, in the slaughterhouse of Madrid.
It has done so through a new "concept" of performing classical music. One en 2001, it was the first place where Deutsche Grammophon opted to move classical music away from its usual spaces to introduce it in a risky format of clubs and concert halls. Then two blocks of sound produced by the artist emerge, that marks the pauses, completed by dj FM that mixes images to the rhythm of classic melodies.
The excuse is the attempt to attract new audiences, young audiences, that so far have not reached the concert halls. There is no choice but to bring the mountain closer to Muhammad.
the idea is good. You have to investigate, explore new ways of approaching this music and show the, until now, non-amateurs who actually like. That they be surprised experiencing emotions with music that they usually run away from.
From this first experience in Madrid, the organizers must draw some conclusion. Better train the professionals who work in these new spaces. Let them know that it is not the most convenient thing to break ice at the bar (mistakenly too close to the stage) when the Aria from the Goldberg Variations plays. Definitely, improve coexistence between the astonishment of the discoverers of this music and of those who, simply, they passed by.