Angela Denoke and interwar Berlin

Angela Denoke

The recital has offered the German soprano Angela Denoke at Teatro Real last 15 of June, It was undoubtedly the perfect complement Moses and Aaron from Schönberg, Der Kaiser von Atlantis from Viktor Ullmann Y Brundibár from Hans Krasa.

With the Cycle Dancing on the volcano, The Royal Theatre has been worth interwar music and composers, led by Kurt Weill, They tried to put aside the music full of pain Wagnerian era, and highlight the playful side of music chronicling daily life under the name use music, music use.

See War and the economic crisis from a satirical view, It was one of the goals of this group of composers born in the last decade of the nineteenth century, who they were exiled to the United States after working in the cabarets of Berlin during the twenties and, except for Weill, They returned to Europe after the war ended.

On stage, Angela Denoke a elegantísima, vibrant and bright voice, He was reeled works of Weill, Walter Kollo, Werner Richard Heymann, Hanns Eisler, Friedrich Hollander Y Mischa Spoliansky.

She was accompanied by musicians high-rise. On the ground, Israeli fellow composer tal Balshai. Clarinet and saxophone in charge of the German Norbert Nagel and neoyorkino, of Korean origin, Tim Park, a cello.

We must make a special mention of Reinhard Bischel, he made a lighting design and projections that helped create that atmosphere of Berlin's decadent cabaret. The end result was an exquisite evening in which only a cold public absented, that only he appeared in the latest round of applause.