Archangel, Fahmi Alqhai and Accademia del Piacere in the Festival of Segovia

Arcangel Fahmi Alqhai

They are already several years to say summer is talking about music festival in many Spanish cities and European. Each with different levels of attractiveness and success in programming. One that certainly, always guess right, is he Festival Segovia. With a full attractive program provided for different audiences, usually go a step further and go for new talent, innovative or revolutionary music mestizajes. But always offering quality interpreters and music. If these successes unite the spaces chosen for shows, success is guaranteed. This time has been the magnificent parade ground of the Alcázar de Segovia in charge of welcoming among its stones a bright summer night.

Born in Huelva 1977, Francisco Jose Archangel Ramos, It is the hope of young flamenco fans. He won the first prize in the competition for children fandangos de Huelva with just ten years. It has grown and worked with the greatest singers and dancers who have called on his side, but it was in 1998, in the X Biennial of Seville, when he received the ultimate recognition from audiences and critics.
Lover of freedom in art and experimentation, He holds a clean voice, full of optimism and joy.

Fahmi Alqhai It is considered one of the young performers viola da gamba and most prestigious early music and brilliant of his generation. Born in Seville in 1976. A Syrian father and Palestinian mother spends her first 11 Years of life in Syria where his musical training began at an early age.
He is cofounder, with soprano Marivi Blasco, and director of the group Academy of Pleasure, specialized in the interpretation of the musical repertoire of the Italian Seicento. He is the founder with his brother Rami Alqhai of the label ALQHAI & ALQHAI, which has produced the album "The Tears of Eros” , “Viols of the Heaven and Hell”, dedicated to the music of Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray, and has just released the third CD of the group, “Loves of Mars”.
Despite his youth is required by the most important chamber music formations of the national and international scene of early music. His dizzying concert career has led him to collaborate with numerous and famous formations; nowadays usually it works with Hesperion XXI (Jordi Savall) and The Talking Suonar (Vittorio Ghielmi). More Hispano founder member (Vicente Parrilla). Regularly it offers concerts throughout Europe, Japan, US and Latin America.

Curiosity took us on Sunday 29 July to Segovia. The curious to hear a flamenco voice like Archangel, accompanied by a group of Spanish baroque music as the Academy of Piacere.
Under a huge moon began to sound the first chords. recognizable music that was felt more strongly in the Patio de Armas of the Fortress. He appeared on the scene, intoning the first cante, an Archangel comfortable and happy, which it was delivered as the other musicians as the concert progressed, to the art of two musical worlds, It seems at that time, They were born to meet. At that meeting the music grew from the hand of improvisation with taste and experience all. It seemed that flamenco had found its true roots in the Baroque and vice versa. That exchange rates circulating in America and Andalusia centuries ago. This fusion of songs and dances round and another round again, of the Gulf of Guinea to the Caribbean and then to Triana and the Gulf of Cadiz. A mixture of jácaras, folías and chaconnes that were common heritage of popular music and cultured. Guarachas de Céspedes tanguillos reminiscent of Cádiz, medieval romances of oral tradition. Songs that were written centuries ago and now raised hand good musicians and good flamenco.

Archangel's voice and viola Alqhai dialogue in search of a common musical past and present. They perform on stage an exercise of freedom carried away solely by the musical instinct. Nothing more exhilarating on a summer night to be abandoned to the energetic music of a contemporary roots always.

Image and sound: Enrique Cornejo