Bright Atlantic Ars in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Ars Atlantic

There is this the first season in which the Teatro de la Zarzuela program cycle Notes Ambigú. Already last year he hung the sign "no tickets" in all actions of the cycle. To see and hear a few meters unquestionable quality interpreters, It is a gift that does not always have access. And, Besides, the price of the town is 10 €, the gift is literal.

Last monday 11 from December, Theater in Ambigú had the opportunity to attend one of these musical gems, which they staged the mezzosoprano Marta Infante and harpist Manuel Vilas They are forming the duo Ars Atlantic. They offered a repertoire of tunes and Spanish baroque composers such as zarzuelas Juan Hidalgo O Sebastian Duron. Works created to be performed in the salons of the time and in the Theater Ambigú acquire a special character. Voice and baroque harp Vilas Infante and transported the audience perfectly recreating the Renaissance atmosphere of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. They illustrated each work, expert knowledge as they are, with comments that kept awake its history and secrets of their composition, They are not in vain, besides great interpreters, expert divers on a little-known repertoire. Its research and retrieval of these works in the most unexpected places, It is commendable and never sufficiently recognized.

Marta Infante's voice is generous, its serious and registry changes are fluid thanks to a solid support that allows you to navigate the passage naturally. The wide range of his voice and phrasing full of intent and expressivity, Marta Infante make one of the best Spanish interpreters of this repertoire. Manuel Vilas, knowledgeable harp like no two orders and a tireless scholar of Renaissance and Baroque Spanish, It was the perfect match for the voice of Infante. His mastery of the instrument and interpretation taste in detail transported the audience to a universe that was difficult to return.

A hit and a gift from Teatro de la Zarzuela programming these concerts. Near the pubic less common repertoires closer and welcoming environment.