Christian Gerhaher, biography of Schubert Lied in the Zarzuela


It was the eighth time Christian Gerhaher He participated in the Lied cycle CNDM at Teatro de la Zarzuela. This time to play Winterreise (winter trip), what Franz Schubert composed in 1827 for voice and piano. In it expresses the feelings of a walking through a winter landscape and frigid, after learning of the rejection of his beloved. Threshed his melancholy through a journey in which there is only despair.

Away from his family, no steady partner, sick and without having achieved any success as a composer, Schubert transmitted through this set of 24 songs the two main themes of the poems Wilhem Muller, the direction of travel and solitude. And it does so through an intimate journey that used as main axis the exterior landscape, nature, as a symbol of its own interior. Winter is here descriptor element feelings deeper and gloomy. We clearly speaks of death. Death that lurked just arrived and was published this almost posthumous work.

Schubert highlighted the piano part and eliminated any vowel ornament. simplicity, not simplicity, They are a common element of note in this work. This is where Gerhaher adds a containment devoid of any dramatic excess teatralización. Deepening the sobriety of feeling more torn.

Such compositions, seemingly simple, require instrumental technique purified. And Christian Gerhaher one of its best exponents today. the magisterial influence is both Fischer-Dieskau, like Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and it is evident the evolution of his voice and the ability to qualification in works such communicative requirement for containment. Changes in tone and dynamics are perfectly expressed by a Gerhaher who has perfected its serious and regulates the volume and tone changes safely and correctly. As he demonstrated in Irrlicht (fuego fool) where the amplitude of tonality requires registration and transition from acute to serious and delicate pianos Fortes.

Accompanied by Gerold Huber, established between both the intimate dialogue between voice and piano with Schubert conceived Winterreise. An inner journey in which the drama of the mental process can only lead to nothing. The absolute solitude of the composer himself.

It was half an hour and in which Gerhaher reeled off one to one these 24 niceties del romanticism. He offered no encores, They were not required. Nothing was missing at that hour and a half of the interior recollection of how deeply you can get to enjoy.