Christoph Prégardien, masterclass in Lied

Prégardien in Lied

We are not accustomed to attending a performance in which the protagonist is shown in perfection humble and perform his virtuosity without fuss. Elegance and subtlety are two qualities to add to those already owned Christoph Prégardien, light lyrical tenor, but she is accusing and over the years, is more than a pleasure to listen to a genre, the lieder, who knows and dominates masterfully.

Prégardien offered in the fourth recital of the Lied They organized jointly by the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for Dissemination of Music, a repertoire divided into two parts. In a first right side interpreted the Lied that, poems by Ernst Schulze, composed Schubert. The second part was devoted to Schumann and his song cycle, on. 39, composed in 1840. In this second part Prégardien got the better of the lieder within him. He filled this cycle of songs nuances and musicality. Texts Joseph von Eichendorff and the intensity of the music of Schumann, They inspired a much deeper and expressive Prégardien. No doubt these works are better accommodate the qualities of his voice and his perfect phrasing.

He was accompanied on the piano by Julius Drake, which he puts the spirit and verve that lacked at times to Prégardien. Drake shined and balanced from the piano to his companion, offering emotional depth in the songs most dramatic draft, and taken away in greater verve.

The evening ended with three tips thanked the audience excited, Serenade", of the Song of the Swan, “night and dreams" and "There Mouse Sohn”.

Photograph: CNDM / Rafa Martín

Christoph Prégardien