Christoph Prégardien y Roger Vignoles, the perfect interpretation

Pregardian & Vignoles (c) Rafa Martin

XXVII Lied Cycle of the CNDM and the Teatro de la Zarzuela 12 April 2021

Christoph Prégardien, tenor

Roger Vignoles, piano

the beautiful Miller, Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

The comic opera had been premiered with great success in Germany. La Molinera, that is, the thwarted love, by Giovanni Paisiello. This event was a stimulus for some poets of the moment, who began to write about this bucolic topic. Goethe himself wrote four romances and four ballads of the miller.

Inspired by his admiration for Goethe's work, a young Müller sets out to create, with a group of friends, a dramatic development chaining Lieder in which, through its characters, a story is told. To the end result, fruit of a party game, put music by Ludwig Berger.

Years later, Schubert discovered Müller's poems and began a collaboration from which the definitive texts emerged.. Schubert found in these poems the perfect narrative description that he needed at that time, adapting the poems to your purposes and music.

The cycle was unveiled in early 1824. In 1830, publisher Anton Diabelli acquired the rights and published a revised second edition. His first known performance was in May 1856, by the baritone Julius Stockhausen in Vienna.

the beautiful Miller, initially written for tenor, is usually approached by baritones. This time, the person in charge of giving voice to Müller's poems in the Lied Cycle of the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for the Diffusion of Music has been the light lyrical tenor Christoph Prégardien, demonstrating, once again, his mastery of the Liederistic genre at the service of Schubert's work.

Prégardien has shown his virtuosity in acting. No need ornaments, the restrained form of his expression shows the elegance of his mastery of the genre. Clarity in diction, giving more importance to the text, and in his nuanced way of "saying", is above any excess in the expression.

Accompanied on piano by Roger Vignoles, they formed a perfect team that walked in unison, in a fluid and crystalline way, like the main water in some of the works they performed.

A perfect night, intense and culminated with two tips also from Schubert, equally well delineated by both interpreters and that finished off the good taste in the mouth that their performance left in the public.

Pregardian & Vignoles (c) Rafa Martin