National Dance Company


Among the premiere of "Rassemblement", in 1990, and "Infinite Garden", 2010, There are twenty years apart. Seeing the two works, one realizes how time, also for Nacho Duato.

The first work is full of strength and vigor, wrapped in nature sounds and warm deep voice Toto Bissainthe. A delicately energetic movements on stage, They represent and honor Haiti, a suffering people and, through music and choreography Bissainthe Duato, walks and evolves into an increasingly greater dignity. The second work, "Garden infinity", It is the latest inspiration from Nacho Duato. His homage to Chekhov is very conceptual, perhaps too.

It introduces us to a dark Duato, more thoughtful and intimate before a stage and austere scenery. The play begins with light and a symmetrical arrangement promising, but, As the work progresses loses pulse, muscle, it becomes dense, giving the feeling that something left over… weather, maybe. Is a little long and the final attempt to recover the initial pulse is not better suficiente.Lo, as long as we talk about the National Dance Company, are his dancers. bright, always fluid in their movements. Both individually and in the beautiful times when grouped. In any case, a real treat.